Just Chips, No Salsa - Episode 1

Just Chips, No Salsa focuses on music made using vintage computers and video game consoles.


  1. Monoculture by little-scale on I Am Still Breathing (self) Info
  2. Point by Albino Ghost Monkey on chipmusic.org (self)
  3. Million Miles Away by Bubblyfish on In.Between.Spaces (self) Info
  4. Out-House #6 by Henry Homesweet on Out-House (Essential Chip) Info
  5. Cruise Control by Trey Frey on Très Frais (Data Airlines) Info
  6. Vanilla Dome 2 by g l o o m s on Vanilla Dome (Datafruits) Info
  7. Baud of Passion by xik on Baud of Passion (self) Info
  8. Virtual View by Chibi-tech on Chibi-tech's Early Musings (2007-2009) (self) Info
  9. Ballistic Picnic by Nullsleep on Electric Heart Strike (8bitpeoples) Info
  10. chase_init by Bit Shifter on Information Chase (8bitpeoples) Info
  11. Earth II by TRUTHR on TRUTHR (Essential Chip) Info
  12. Passerby (Reprise) by Local T on Suffolk Palms (Pen Name Records) Info
  13. Skylight Promenade by Lindsay Lowend and Fearofdark on Skylight Promenade (self) Info
  14. By Sundown by The Depreciation Guild on Nautilis (8bitpeoples) Info
  15. the world belongs to us by chalkboards on chalkboards (self) Info
  16. Earth That Was by Revengineers on Self-titled EP (self) Info
  17. Space Party Anthem by Starscream on Future, And It Doesn't Work (8bitpeoples) Info
  18. The C R T Woods by Anamanaguchi on USA (Polyvinyl) Info
  19. Commit by Bit Shifter on Closed System Blues (self) Info
  20. Sweetly by Sulumi on Blip Festival 2008 (8bitpeoples) Info
  21. Part IV by they/them on Flat Moon Society (self) Info
  22. French Kiss by Je Deviens DJ En 3 Jours on Nanoloop 2.3 Comp (CatchyNameRecords) Info
  23. ix4 masta by kite splash on https://soundcloud.com/kitesplash/tracks (self)
  24. New Color by Chip Tanaka on Django (self) Info
  25. NBA Live 99 by Lindsay Lowend on LL 2020 - Volume 1 (self) Info
  26. Planet by Anamanaguchi on Endless Fantasy (dream.hax) Info
  27. Solar Warden by TRUTHR on TRUTHR II (Essential Chip) Info
  28. Standing Alone by coova and little-scale on Two Warriors (8bitpeoples) Info
  29. Come Back To Me by little-scale on Error Repeat (CalmDownKidder) Info
  30. Void Dreams by Tri Angles on Rebel Soul (The Basebit Recordings) Info
  31. Boy Meets Game by Saitone on Emboss (Bankai-Kei Records) Info
  32. Peter's Ice Cream by Local T on Coastal Breeze (Pen Name Records) Info