The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Eisfabrik & DJ Tom Gold (Tampa) 6/15/21


  1. Grim Reaper by Eisfabrik on Kryothermalmusik Aus Der Eisfabrik (RepoRecords)
  2. Plastic Girl by Dead Lights on Dead Lights (Cold Transmission)
  3. Incendiary Lover by Gitane Demone on Gothic Rock Compilation (Jungle)
  4. This Is by Grace Jones on Hurricane (Wall Of Sound)
  5. Rage by De/Vision on Popgefahr (Metropolis)
  6. Friends by Eisfabrik on When Winter Comes (
  7. Words (Of The Dying) by Controlled Bleeding on Trudge (Wax Trax!)
  8. Falling by Informatik on Arena (Metropolis)
  9. Killer (Beyond Border Remix) by Digital Energy (Infacted)
  10. Ragnarok (Uncreated Remix) by Vanguard (Infacted)
  11. And Nothing Turns (Extended) by Eisfabrik on Kryothermalmusik Aus Der Eisfabrik (RepoRecords)
  12. Wasteland by The Mission UK on Gods Own Medicine (Mercury)
  13. Transmission by Joy Division on The Best Of Joy Division (Rhino)
  14. Drug (Bitter Pill) by Nox Novacula on Ascension (Manic Depression)
  15. Dollhouse by Switchblade Symphony on Serpentine Gallery (Cleopatra)