transfiguration #195 blooms mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Goldenrods by Rich Ruth on Where There's Life (Rich Ruth)
  2. Dreamwave by X.Y.R. on Waves Tapes (Constellation Tatsu)
  3. A Deep Breath by Escape Artist on Return To Innocence (This Is Our Time)
  4. Butterfly Foundation by D. Tiffany on 00Am003 - EP (00:AM)
  5. Fight Day by Ike on Stone Diviner (Die Orakel)
  6. Niaaru by Inner Zone on Cosmic Bubbles - EP (space lab)
  7. Moments In by Alphonse on The Secret Sun (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
  8. Belly (Melt) by Jex Opolis on It's Me, Jexy (Good Timin' Records)
  9. Open Up Coconut by Maara on Radiant Love IWD Comp Vol 2 (Radiant Love)
  10. Under Illusion by Escape Artist on First Light (Volume II) (Soothsayer)
  11. 3 Nudes in a Purple Garden by Hawke on Planet Love Vol. 1 - Early Transmissions 1991-95 (Safe Trip)
  12. The Dolphins Are Back in Venice (feat. Breaka) by Guava on The Dolphins Are Back in Venice - EP (Control Freak Recordings)
  13. Loam by Priori on Little Flower (self released)
  14. Drop Shots Blunted by Ephemera on Drop Shots Blunted - EP (Mechanical)
  15. Invisible Shell of Energy by THUGWIDOW on Post Modern - EP (Sneaker Social Club)
  16. Love Has Boundaries by Pleasure Jail on Love Has Boundaries (Hotflush)
  17. Sunset Yellow by Emissive on City of Rooms (Emissive)
  18. Closed for Subsidence by Jeigo on Return To Innocence (This Is Our Time)
  19. Give Me Love (The Ambientist Remix II) by rising sun on Realism II (styrax electronica)
  20. Rainbow Eucalyptus by Etari on Rainbow Eucalyptus (100% Silk)
  21. Lyra's Ascent (feat. Laraaji) by Dubharp on Spiral Heights (100% Silk)
  22. Sunshine Maker by Ecovillage on New Reality (Constellation Tatsu)