EP. 75: I feel alive (we are live!)

Back on air for the first time in well over a year... let's see how this goes...

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  1. Alive with the Glory of Love by Say Anything on ..Is a Real Boy (doghouse)
  2. Beach Front Property - Lo-Fi by Spanish Love Songs, Less Gravity (Pure Noise) New
  3. Living in a Simulation by Fucked Up on Dose Your Dreams (Merge)
  4. The Return by Lightning Bug on A Color Of The Sky (Fat Possum) New
  5. Peach Candle by June Patrol (self-released) New
  6. Remember to Forget by Drug Church on Tawny (Pure Noise) New
  7. Step Up by Sunami on Sunami/Gulch Split (Triple B) New Local
  8. Stimulus for Living by Drahla on Useless Coordinates (Captured Tracks)
  9. I Just Don't Know by The Happys (Self-Released) New Local
  10. Lil House by Angel Du$t on Bigger House (Roadrunner) New
  11. Love is Strange by Slumped on A Comedy of Errors (self-released)
  12. Help I'm Alive by Metric on Fantasies (Last Gang)
  13. The Everlasting Gaze by The Smashing Pumpkins on Machina / The Machines of God (Virgin)
  14. silence is also an answer// by KennyHoopla, Travis Barker on SURVIVORS GUILT (Sony)
  15. climax. by unknxwn. (self-released) New
  16. Roller Coaster by blink-182 on take off your pants and jacket (Geffen)
  17. Alive by Pearl Jam on Ten (Epic)
  18. Selling the Drama by Live on Throwing Copper (Radioactive)
  19. I Alone by Live on Throwing Copper (Radioactive)
  20. If You Are To Bloom by Hum on Downward Is Heavenward (RCA)
  21. I'm Alive by Heather Nova on Siren (Big Cat/Sony)
  22. Muffin Man by Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, The Mothers on Bongo Fury (Live) (Zappa Family Trust)
  23. Bodysnatchers by Radiohead on In Rainbows (XL)
  24. Aphrodite by Habit on Birdcage (Bleau) New
  25. La Puerta by Zacc and the Scissorlips on Cucca Gang 1 (Zesty Croutans) Local
  26. Skin on Skin by Swain on Negative Space (End Hits)
  27. Nights of the Living Dead by Tilly and the Wall on Wild Like Children (Team Love)
  28. Best Life by Cheekface on Emphatically No. (New Professor) New
  29. Intro by cursetheknife on Thank You For Being Here (New Morality Zine)
  30. Feeling Real by cursetheknife on promo 2020 (New Morality Zine)
  31. Clairvoyant - Lo-Fi by The Story So Far, Mik (Pure Noise)