Sounds In The Dark - 05.26.15

Sounds In The Dark turns one year old with an amazing playlist of new work from Alex Cobb, Tiny Leaves, HELM, Shuttle358, The Sly and Unseen, Tim Kays, and much more!


  1. Eric's Basement & Secret Tunnels by Psymon Spine on Psymon Spine (Axis Mundi)
  2. A ground without a figure by SHUTTLE358 on CAN YOU PROVE I WAS BORN (12k)
  3. September 1st by Altars Altars on 1864 (
  4. Live By Golden Rule: Go Orange Be Strong by Andrew Weathers Ensemble on Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything (Full Spectrum)
  5. Thograinn Thograinn (Hidden Orchestra Remix) by Macmaster / Hay on Reorchestrations (Denovali)
  6. I Saw The Brown Leaves Dropping by Siavash Amini and Heinali on When No Wind Whirled (Futuresequence)
  7. Medicated Yoga by Lifted on 1 (PAN)
  8. Radar Receiver by Solvent on Apples & Synthesizers (Ghostly International)
  9. Summer Shower Interlude #4 by Tim Kays on Phenomena (Aural Films)
  10. Cold Wind On Erringden Moor by The Sly and Unseen on All Similarities And Technical Difficulties End Here (Hibernate Records)
  11. Shed Abroad by Tiny Leaves on A Certain Tide (Futuresequence)
  12. the sea inside of me by tunnel at the end of the light on IN THE WAKE OF AN AVALANCHE (
  13. Bagatelle for Harp and Orchestra by Cousin Silas & David Gerard on Cousin Silas David Gerard (We Are All Ghosts)
  14. Path of Appearance by Alex Cobb on Chantepleure (Students of Decay)
  15. Sky Wax (London) by HELM on Olympic Mess (PAN)
  16. end of the night by Chihei Hatakeyama on Moon Light Reflecting Over Mountains (Room40)
  17. Il Giardino Dei Riflessi by Neil On Impression on L'oceano Delle Onde Che Restano Onde Per Sempre (Denovali)
  18. by long sea breakers by juxta phona on we will not be silence (Home Normal)
  19. Disorder 7 Piano 2 by Alex Menzies on Order & Disorder (Kathexis)