Altered Inages #205 07/07/2021 “A Jeweled Eye In Sevenths”


  1. Sketch for Summer by The Durutti Column on The Return of the Durutti Column (Factory)
  2. Sign O The Times (Chad Jackson Remix) by Prince on Treble Tops Vol 2 (DMC)
  3. The Planet Doesn’t Mind (Club Mix) by X-Visitors on The Planet Doesn’t Mind (Dancing Bear)
  4. She Just Don’t Know by Steve Arrington on Higher (Stones Throw)
  5. The Cure Mix (Marco Oude Wolbers) by The Cure on Treble Tops (DMC)
  6. Art Of Noise Mix (Marco Oude Wolbers) by Art Of Noise on Treble Tops (DMC)
  7. Cry Boy Cry by Blue Zoo on 2x2 (Magnet)
  8. Guilty by Yarborough & Peoples on Guilty (Solar)
  9. I’ve Been Losing You by A-Ha on Scoundrel Days (Warner Bros.)
  10. Miss You Much (Remixed by Ben Lebrand) by Janet Jackson on DMC Producers (DMC)
  11. Tuning In Tuning On by Kim Wilde on Musik Music Musique (Virgin)
  12. U2 Megamix by U2 on Treble Tops (DMC)
  13. Yello Megamix (Marco Oude Wolbers) by Yello on Treble Tops (DMC)
  14. Trapped In The 80s by Various on Treble Tops (DMC)
  15. Beating Heart (12 by Section 25 on Single (LTM)