The Infinite Kaleidoscope 26 with guests, Oakland band Gorgeous Dykes, "Made with Love and Anger"

Today we have guests and friends, Oakland band Gorgeous Dykes, Ana and Lucy.

Gorgeous Dykes Official Website

Gorgeous Dykes Original Playlist for this show is here

Gorgeous Dykes, "Do Cowards Get Ahead" (video)

Playlist (Curated by Gorgeous Dykes):

Gorgeous Dykes- Do Cowards Get Ahead?

Souleance- Georgian Kiss

BUGCORE- Funkdeath

Gina X Performance- No G.D.M.

P.SUS- The Hit

Gorgeous Dykes, "Emotional Bankruptcy"

Channel Tres, "Topdown"

L'Impératrice, "Vanille fraise"

Shygirl, "Freak"

Steve Monite, "Only You"

P.SUS, "Trying Times"

Proux, "Just For Me"

Neon Vectors, "Pink Ladies"

bye2, "Reverse Nightmare Tower"

Gorgeous Dykes, "Bored Now"

Optic Core, "Saturn Skyline"

Gina X Peformance, "Nowhere Wolf"

Nmesh, "Climbing the Corporate Ladder"


Gorgeous Dykes, "Tunnel of Love"

Patrick Hernandez, "Born to Be Alive (Mix 79)"

P.SUS, "Drunk Funk"

Sweet Trip, "Stab-Slow"

zaphyre, "hev.n spear"


GoldLink, "Fall in Love (feat. Ciscero)"

Gorgeous Dykes, "Dead Man"

Abracadabra, "Tip-Toe"

Lizzy Mercier Descloux, "Lady O K'pele"

Brijean, "Wifi Beach"

AhMerAhSu, "No One"


  1. Do Cowards Get Ahead? by Gorgeous Dykes (self released) Local
  2. Georgian Kiss by Souleance on Brotha - EP (℗ 2013 First Word Records)
  3. Funkdeath by BUGCORE (℗ 2021 906737 Records DK)
  4. No G.D.M. by Gina X Performance on Nice Mover (℗ 2005 KG Beat)
  5. The Hit by P.SUS (self released)
  6. Emotional Bankruptcy by Gorgeous Dykes (self released) New Local
  7. Topdown by Channel Tres on Channel Tres - EP (℗ 2018 GODMODE)
  8. Vanille fraise by L'Impératrice (℗ 2015 L'Impératrice)
  9. Freak by Shygirl (℗ 2020 Because Music Ltd.)
  10. Only You by Steve Monite on Doing It in Lagos: Boogie, Pop & Disco in 1980's Nigeria (℗ 2016 Soundway Records)
  11. Trying Times by P.SUS (self released)
  12. Just For Me by Proux on Back By Popular Demand (℗ 2021 PROUX) New
  13. Pink Ladies by Neon Vectors (self released)
  14. Reverse Nightmare Tower by bye2 (self released)
  15. Bored Now by Gorgeous Dykes (self released) New Local
  16. Saturn Skyline by Optic Core on Shell Complex (℗ 2021 Red Mirror Records) New
  17. Nowhere Wolf by Gina X Performance on X-Traordinaire (℗ 2005 KG Beat)
  18. Climbing the Corporate Ladder by Nmesh on Dream Sequins® (℗ 2014 AMDISCS: Futures Reserve Label.
  19. GEEKIN by MIA GLADSTONE & Ciscero (℗ 2019 22Twenty)
  20. Tunnel of Love by Gorgeous Dykes on Gorgeous!! (self released) Local
  21. Born to Be Alive (Mix 79) by Patrick Hernandez (℗ 1979 Jean Van Loo)
  22. Drunk Funk by P.SUS (self released)
  23. Stab-Slow by Sweet Trip (℗ 2021 Darla Records)
  24. hev.n spear by zaphyre (self released)
  25. Ether by VAPORCHROME (self released)
  26. Fall in Love (feat. Ciscero) by GoldLink (℗ 2016 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment)
  27. Dead Man by Gorgeous Dykes on Gorgeous!! (self released) Local
  28. Tip-Toe by Abracadabra on Abracadabra (℗ 2020 Anniversary) Local
  29. Lady O K'pele by Lizzy Mercier Descloux on Mambo Nassau (℗ 2003 ZE Records)
  30. Wifi Beach by Brijean on Feelings (℗ 2021 Ghostly International)
  31. No One by AH MER AH SU (DERO Arcade)
  32. LO HI by Peaking Lights on Lucifer (Mexican Summer / Weird World)