B-Side Dreams 234 - Home is in the Air

New music from Vivien Goldman (!), The Goon Sax, UV-TV, Izzy True, skirts, The Umbrellas, and more. Feature image is the cover of Vivien Goldman's new album Next is Now.


  1. Automatic - Orion Sun Remix by Spencer., Orion Sun on Automatic (Orion Sun Remix) (4AD) New
  2. Walking in the Sand - Shangri Dub by Hollie Cook on Hollie Cook in Dub (Prince Fatty Presents) (Mr. Bongo)


  3. Home by Vivien Goldman on Next is Now (Youth Sounds)

    New 2021

  4. Fairytale in the Supermarket by Jen Cloher, Hachiku (Kill Rock Stars)

    New 2021

  5. Psychic by The Goon Sax on Mirror II (Matador)

    New 2021

  6. Plume by UV-TV on Always Something (PaperCup)

    New 2021

  7. Older by Izzy True on Our Beautiful Baby World (Don Giovanni)

    New 2021

  8. Been in the Dark by Jeanines on Things Change (Where It's At Is Where You Are)

    2020, Brooklyn

  9. Shy Buys Herself Flowers by The Umbrellas (Slumberland) New
  10. no reply by Hand Habits (Sub Pop) New
  11. See You Again by Cold Beat (Like Ltd) New
  12. True by skirts on Great Big Wild Oak (Double Double Whammy) New Info
  13. Body Memory (Peach Fuzz Version) by Jess Cornelius (Crystal Chain) New
  14. Awkwardly Blissing Out by F Ingers on Awkwardly Blissing Out (Blackest Ever Black)