local indie (guest show)


  1. Maria's Lullabye by Secret Secret on Secret Secret (Self Released) New Local
  2. Curtains Close by The Telephone Numbers on The Ballad of Doug (Paisley Shirt) New Local
  3. Firewatch by Sean Emmett Thompson on Sun (Self Released) New Local
  4. Theresa Street by Flowertown on S / T (Paisley Shirt) New Local
  5. She Buys Herself Flowers by The Umbrellas on The Umbrellas (Slumberland) New Local
  6. Tiffany's Days Go By by April Magazine on Sunday Music For An Overpass (Paisley Shirt) New Local
  7. Melted Car by Tony Jay on Hey There Flower (Paisley Shirt) New Local
  8. Blue Sky by Hectorine on TEARS (Paisley Shirt) New Local
  9. Dr. Jones feat. Tony Jay (Aqua) by Mister Baby on Sidewalk Pop (Paisley Shirt) New Local
  10. All At Once by Shutups on 5 (Kill Rock Stars) New Local
  11. Maggie's Bind by Blue Ocean on Blue Ocean (Paisley Shirt) Local
  12. Gethsemane by Ezra Teshome on Us Underwater (Ezra Teshome) Local
  13. Little Deer by Spellling on The Turning Wheel (Sacred Bones) New Local