clementine & asian / asian american indiepop — 27


  1. 3 Lefts = 1 Right by Public Places on Public Places (Boring Productions)
  2. Be Sweet by Japanese Breakfast on Be Sweet (Dead Oceans)
  3. Unexpectedly by Megumi Acorda on Unexpectedly (Boring Productions)
  4. Means To Me by Long Beard on Means To Me (Double Double Whammy)
  5. Crane by Nekosen on Single (Self Released)
  6. Alone by Mount Rainier on World Behind Your Head (Self Released)
  7. Balance by Ogre You Asshole on Elated People (VAP)
  8. You Gave Me by Store Front on Task (Self Released)
  9. Courage by Cotton Range on Cat Lovers Comic Tape (SmallAnimalsRecords)
  10. A Thousand Words by Jay Som on A Thousand Words (Polyvinyl)
  11. Killer Pie Super Spy! by Emily's Sassy Lime on Summer Vacation (Christmas)
  12. Ours by Say Sue Me on Where We Were Together (Damnably/Electric Muse)
  13. Waltzing Back by No Vacation on The Wild Honey Pie Buzzsession (The Wild Honey Pie)
  14. Steven is in Love by Steven’s Life on Steven's Life (Wild)