Episode 160 - Reckoning

The bill will be due this Fall. Come the Autumn reap we will be paying for our collective ignorance or we will be seeing dividends with out work. Covid, Classic and Human Infrastructure, economic justice, social justice. All of these ideas, concepts, problems have solutions on the table. It’s up to us to engage and vaccinate the nation, not only against SARS Covid 2 but against authoritarians who still claim power beyond that given to them by the people.

Stand with the republic this Summer.



  1. Kool Thing by Sonic Youth on Goo (DGC)
  2. Sweet '69 by Babes In Toyland on Nemesisters (Reprise Records)
  3. Hell Is for Children by Pat Benatar on Crimes of Passion (Chrysalis)
  4. I Am A Cliche by X-Ray Spex on Germfree Adolescents (EMI)
  5. Pony by Chokecherry on TV Baby (Take This to Heart)
  6. Play the Greatest Hits by Wolf Alice on Blue Weekend (RCA) New
  7. Johnny Hit And Run Paulene by X on Los Angeles (Slash Records)
  8. No More Selfies by Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine on Tea Party Revenge Porn (Alternative Tentacles) New Local
  9. The American In Me by The Avengers on The American In Me (DBK Works)
  10. Temptation Eyes by Blake Babies on Innocence And Experience (Mammoth)
  11. Breakdown by Alan Parsons Project on I Robot (Arista)
  12. Young Conservatives by The Kinks on State of Confusion (Arista)
  13. Sample and Hold by Neil Young on Trans (Geffen)