EP. 78: Sweet Time

Let's have a sweet time at the radio show. Featuring new sesh from the Number One Lovers, peep it here!

We play new trax from Deafheaven, Midwife, Runnner, Ridgeway, Spurts, Damper & Heart Attack Man.

Mark your calendars for the BFF.FM scavenger hunt, 9/4-9/6 in SF.

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  1. Sweet Time by Number One Lovers (Self-Released) New
  2. Summer Holidays by Ymori on Summer and Time Spent Together (Hip Dozer)
  3. 1994 by The Vernes on Maybe I'll Feel Better When I'm Dead (YO TV!)
  4. Losing My Grip by American Trappist on The Gate (Smartt*)
  5. Independence Day by American Trappist on The Gate (Smartt*)
  6. The Gnashing by Deafheaven (Sargent House) New Local
  7. Promise Ring by Midwife on Luminol (The Flenser) New
  8. Take Your Picture by Gypsyblood on Cold In The Guestway (Sargent House)
  9. In Our Blood by Gypsyblood on Cold In The Guestway (Sargent House)
  10. Jury Duty by Henry Mansfield (Self-Released)
  11. Cold In The Summer by Young Guv (Run for Cover)
  12. Housekeys by Runnner, Field Medic (Run For Cover) New
  13. How To Quit by Pet Fox on Pet Fox (Self-Released)
  14. Buzzsaw by Ridgeway (Honey Pit) New
  15. Emerald Bells by Soft Blue Shimmer on Heaven Inches Away (Disposable America)
  16. '95 Slow by Toner on Silk Road (Smoking Room) Local
  17. When the Levee Breaks by Judge on The Storm (Revelation)
  18. Dozen by Alison's Halo on Eyedazzler (Manufactured Recordings)
  19. The Judge's Daughter by Green Day on 1,039 / Smoothed out Slappy Hours (Green Day)
  20. Hardcore Rules by 25 Ta Life on Friendship Loyalty Commitment (Self-Released)
  21. Speed Trials by Elliott Smith on Either/Or (Kill Rock Stars)
  22. Dust on Trial by Shame on Songs of Praise (Dead Oceans)
  23. Anti-Life by HEALTH, Tyler Bates, Chino Moreno on DC Dark Nights Death Metal (Warner Bros.) New
  24. Body/Prison by Health on Disco4 (Loma Vista)
  25. This isn't the Place by Nine Inch Nails on Add Violence (The Null Corporation)
  26. Kickstand by Glow & The Dark on EP (Dark Horse Coffee) New
  27. What to Say by Glow & The Dark on EP (Dark Horse Coffee) New
  28. Jury Duty by The O.C. Supertones on Loud And Clear (BEC / Capitol Christian)
  29. Morbid Obsessions by We Are The Union on Ordinary Life (Bad Time) New
  30. i was in a band in college by Spurts on The Long Haul (Self-Released) New Local
  31. Showed Up Too Late for the Emo Revival by Damper on Emotive Songs For Emotional People: act 2 (Missed Out) New
  32. Wokefest by Slow Disco on Existential Split (Self-Released) New
  33. Old Enough 2 Die by Heart Attack Man (You Did This / Triple Crown) New