Ep.147 07.25.21 (Broadcasting From Home 49)


  1. Santa Rasa by Fingers Of God on EXERTION VA II (LKR Records)
  2. In A Cyber Spiral by Trypheme on Aluminia (Central Processing Unit)
  3. Müsli Boys by Aki Aki on Dishjockey (Candomblé)
  4. Sueño Timbal by JAI on Siesta Before Fiesta Compliation (Ears On Earth)
  5. Damâa (ft ڭليثرGlitter٥٥) by Malcom on Baptem EP (Biological Records)
  6. Logas by Yohei S on Big Material (If-Only)
  7. Power by Second Sight on Unreleased (Unreleased)
  8. Pierres Sacradées (Yucca Mü Edit) by Taras Bulba on Self-Release (Sound Station Strategy)
  9. A drop of Blue (Thee J Johanz ext ediT) by Spaceman on Ohne BoOne / A drop of Blue (Thee J Johanz ext ediT) (Moefment)
  10. Areca (Bubble Mix) by Liluzu on What's Your Star Sign (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
  11. Yu Go Bah by Dazion on Blood Moon (Animals Dancing)
  12. Andante by Sunju Hargun on Echo Locations (Tursiops)
  13. 'Ndrangheta Allotment (Octo Octa's Seen In The Darkness Remix) by Meatraffle on Abstinence Blues Remixed (Norman Records)
  14. Timber (Sunju Hargun Chopped Edit) by Coldcut & Hexstatic on Self-Released (Self-Released)
  15. Metamorphose by Ed Isar on Cosmic Oceans (Tursiops)
  16. Canyon Echoes by Gentle Wind & Rain on Kokopelli's Song - Improvised Music For Relaxation and Meditation (Self-Released)