Sounds In The Dark - 7.28.21

Tonight's edition features new music from Six Organs of Admittance, Low, Slowly Rolling Camera and The House In The Woods, alongside music from Edamame, Martyn Heyne, Ana Roxanne, Murkof, Memory Drawings AND dusting off my old CD copy of Darla Records' Bliss Out Vol. 13 (Piano Magic) for your listening pleasure!


  1. Disappearing by Low on HEY WHAT (Sub Pop) New
  2. Tone Intervals by The House In The Woods on The Spectral Corridor (Ecstatic Recordings) New
  3. Curium by Martyn Heyne on Electric Intervals (7K!)
  4. The Same Indifference by Memory Drawings on A Few Scattered Hours (Second Language Music)
  5. Landsdelar by Edamame on Bask (Gravitas Recordings)
  6. Feels Like Fiction by Slowly Rolling Camera on Where The Streets Lead (Edition Records) New
  7. Abstractions by Beanfield on Human Patterns (Compost Records)
  8. Venus by Ana Roxanne on Because of a Flower (Kranky)
  9. A Trick of the Sea by Piano Magic on Bliss Out vol. 13 (Darla Records)
  10. Suspension by Living Room on Memories (GOODGOODMUSIC)
  11. Santoori by Simon Scott on Soundings (Touch)
  12. In a Landscape by Murcof + Vanessa Wagner on Statea (InFine)
  13. Silence of Siberia by Lowercase Noises on This Is for Our Sins (Lowercase Noises)
  14. katiyana by Marsen Jules on The Empire of Silence (Oktaf)
  15. Old Dawn by Six Organs of Admittance on The Veiled Sea (Ben Chasny)
  16. I Swam Into Your Dreams of Static by Lawrence English on Let It Come To You (Clatsop Animal Assistance)

    New This track is also available on Oxtail's Undercurrents compilation.