1. Ojazo by Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt on Lucy & Aaron (Hanson) New
  2. Moan Jiro by Lugh & Olan Monk on Erangal OST (C.A.N.V.A.S.)
  3. Featured Multiple Gunshots by Jim Haynes on When The Sky Burned (Sige) New
  4. Featured Knot of Spirit by Caterina Barbieri & Lyra Pramuk on Knot of Spirit (light-years) New
  5. Featured Rings (feat. guest) by Space Afrika on Honest Labour (Dais) New
  6. Lead Sister (Time Hecker Remix) by Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu on Lead Sister (Tim Hecker Remix) (Ninja Tune) New
  7. Featured Down to the Plains by Lucy Railton & Kit Downes on Subaerial (SN Variations) New
  8. Featured A Town is Not A Town by Laurin Huber on Dog Mountain (Hallow Ground) New
  9. I Swam Into Your Dreams of Static by Lawrence English on Let It Come To You (Clatsop Animal Assistance) New
  10. Information Dust by The House In The Woods on The Spectral Corridor (Ecstatic Recordings) New