b.a.a.a.m. radio (ep. 11)

tunes from near and far for your ears to enjoy :)


  1. Sky So Blue by Hot Flash Heat Wave (EMPIRE) Local
  2. Maps. Fuck You. by Trash Vampires on Orange Krush (S/R) Local
  3. Walden Park by Dinner Time on DINNER TIME (Self-released)
  4. rubberband by Big Fun on oogley boggley (goldfinger)
  5. Lo-tide by Lofi Legs on Sonic Century (Self Released) Local
  6. Things I've Said by Buzzed Lightbeer on Hell (Self Released) Local
  7. Do You Want Me? by The Sleeps on The Sleeps (The Sleeps) Local
  8. Kim by Joy Again on Kim (Never Grow Up Records)
  9. You Are My Friend by Tino Drima (621228 Records DK) Local
  10. Cranberry Telephone by Corn on My Dinner Plate on Corn For Two (Self-released)
  11. Social Sites by Cosmo Pyke (70Hz Recordings Ltd)
  12. Abundance of Pleasure by Mint on Mentha (Slang Church) Local
  13. Crazy For Your Love by JAWNY (Interscope Records)
  14. Signal Dreams by Small Crush on Blush (Self-Released) Local
  15. Coffee by Early Eyes (Birds Plural)
  16. Call Back by Strawberry Army on Citrus Grove (Broken Dreams)
  17. Sunday by Mild Universe on Mild Universe (Self-released) New Local
  18. Staring at the Sun by Insomnia Beach Club (Self-released)
  19. Jane by LAUNDRY DAY on Keep It Bright (Polo and Fomo, LLC)
  20. Drugs by M.A.G.S. on M.A.G.S. (Elliott Douglas)
  21. The Basement by Lunar Vacation on Artificial Flavors (Lunar Vacation)
  22. Get Fucked by Mustard Service on Zest Pop (Mustard Service)
  23. Worried for Nothing by Subject (Self-released)
  24. Not Good at Being Bad by Slush Puppy (wtf!)
  25. Speaking Sonar by Summer Salt on Happy Camper (Self-released)
  26. Woof Woof by ARTHUR on Woof Woof (PLZ Make It Ruins)
  27. Beatrice by Worn-Tin, BOYO (Worn-TIn)
  28. French Girl by Oscar Lang, JAWNY on bops etc. (Dirty Hit)
  29. Techno Show by Peach Pit on Being so Normal (Columbia)
  30. Covered in You by Spirit Ghost on Skeleton Surf Rider (Alexander Whitelaw)
  31. Sinking by The Moondrops on Bath Songs (Self Released) Local
  32. Selfish Lover by Mild Orange on Foreplay (Self-released)
  33. April's Song by Real Estate on Atlas (Domino)