World of Echo Episode 153


  1. Tower Of Meaning/Rabbit's Ear/Home Away From Home by Arthur Russell on World of Echo (Audika)
  2. Egoismo by MMMD on Egoismo (Antiforst)
  3. Pelennor's fält by OCH on II (Rocket Recordings)
  4. Still Sky by Satoshi Ashikawa on Still Way: Wave Notation 2 (WRWTFWW)
  5. My Desire for You Is to Stop Being a Fuck Wad by Seth Graham on Gasp (Orange Milk)
  6. Floating Landscape (Including Chase Scene) by Derryl Parsons on Switched-On Eugene (Numero Group)
  7. Amazwe by Don Cherry's New Researches featuring Naná Vasconcelos on Organic Music Theatre: Festival de Jazz de Chanteauvallon 1972 (Blank Forms)
  8. Folia do divino by Priscilla Ermel on Origens Da Luz (Music From Memory)
  9. Revoada by Quintento Armorial on Do Romance ao Galope Nordestino (Discos Marcus Pereira)
  10. Constellation by Chuck Johnson on The Cinder Grove (Vin Du Select Qualitite)