Ep 183: "Art Pop Concréte"

Sacramento band Pregnant, whose new album 100% Beef (bandcamp) might be termed Art Pop Concréte, is sure to wake the ears anew.

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  1. Grocery Vaping by 300 D (self released) Local
  2. Body Contact by Supreme Joy on JOY (self released) Local
  3. Mandlebrot Fall by Cold Beat on War Garden (Like Ltd) Local
  4. The Lonely Men by Sonny and the Sunsets on New Day with New Possibilities (Rocks In Your Head) Local
  5. Plastic Wrapped Apple by Pregnant on 100% Beef (self released) Local
  6. Senator by Pregnant on 100% Beef (self released) Local
  7. That's Life Honey by Boy Scouts on Wayfinder (Anti-) Local
  8. Superstition by Madeline Kenney on Summer Quarter (Carpark) Local
  9. The Girl You Knew by Tyler Holmes on Nightmare in Paradise (Ratskin) Local
  10. Solace by Solar Estates (self released) Local
  11. Near You by The Umbrellas on The Umbrellas (Slumberland Records) Local
  12. Maple by Wyatt Smith on Maple (Open Door) Local
  13. Sunday by Mild Universe on Mild Universe (self-released) Local
  14. 3 by Heno. & ASTU on SHEEESH (self-released) Local
  15. Take Me With You by Silverware on No Plans (self released) Local
  16. Lifesucker by Lofi Legs on Lamb (self released) Local
  17. Lydia by Galore on Galore (Rocks In Your Head) Local
  18. Stir Crazy by Chris Keys on Lemon Tree (self released) Local