Approved by Cat

Had a special assistant picking up the song selection of today. As usual, freshly pressed music with some classics too. Enjoy episode #266


  1. Life On Mars by Miguel Atwood Ferguson on Modern Love (BBE Music) New
  2. The Walk by Passion Social Club (Sonar Kollektiv) New
  3. We Come in Peace (DJ Mark Brickman & Yam Who? Extended Vocal Remix) by Danny Kane & Jack Tyson Charles (Midnight Riot) New
  4. Dance Dance Dance (feat. Helen Salvin) by Musk (Permanent Vacation) New
  5. Don't Be Afraid (Herbert's Solstice Remix) by Tush (Do Right! Music) New
  6. Freaky Music by Art Of Tones (De La Groove)
  7. Cartagena by Fhaken & Yo Land (Nervous) New
  8. Milagro Del Ritmo (Mezcla De La Tierra) by Peak Hour Rhythms (Razor-N-Tape) New
  9. Borracho Bailando Champeta by Kevin Florez & Captain Planet (Bastard Jazz) New
  10. Mama (Patchworks Remix) by David Walters (Heavenly Sweetness)
  11. Trepidation ft. Msafiri Zawose (Kyodai Afro Mix) by Feiertag (Sonar Kollektiv) New
  12. Atómico (Felipe Gordon Remix) by Jungle Fire (Razor-N-Tape) New
  13. Beam Me Up (Each Other Remix) by Midnight Magic (Razor-N-Tape) New
  14. Cruise by Rhode & Brown on Everything in Motion (Permanent Vacation) New
  15. The Look Of Love [The Reflex Revision] by Isaac Hayes (Self-Released)
  16. Honey Mango by John Haycock on In A Bloopy Mood (Limefield Records) New
  17. Jajja Alimuffe by Nilotika Cultural Ensemble (Switchstance Recordings) New
  18. Let The Wind Blow by Benoit Medrykowski & Cédric Ricard on African Groove 2 (Stereoscopic) New
  19. BF Holiday by Let Your Hair Down (College Of Knowledge Records) New
  20. Popsicles by The KBCS (Sonar Kollektiv) New
  21. Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (feat. Iain Mackenzie) [Magnetic4 Remix] by Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra on Harake Bay (Chinchin Records) New
  22. Nimm Mini Hand (feat. Rumpelorchester) by Kalabrese (rumpelmusig) New
  23. The Practice Of Love by Capitol K (Faith & Industry) New