1. Palmer Station by Best Available Technology on Inscape Routes (The Florist's Mum) New
  2. 5ever by Ssaliva on 5ever / The Stars Up Above (Slagwerk) New
  3. Featured Kiss Kiss and Rhinestones by HTRK on Rhinestones (N&J Blueberries) New
  4. Régime des Fleurs by Christina Vantzou on Régime des Fleurs (Self-released) New
  5. (Intro) Of acceptance and failure by Lorenzo Balloni on Expectations (Superpang) New
  6. Featured Sell Art by Klara Lewis & Peder Mannerfelt on KLMNOPQ (The Trilogy Tapes) New
  7. infinite change (feat. Perila) by Nikolay Kozlov on OUTTAKES21 (Self-released) New
  8. Integument by Pataphysical on Haptically (Good Morning Tapes) New
  9. a buried river by Leo on a buried river (Youth) New
  10. Brace by Lucy Duncombe on Brace/Mend (12th Isle) New
  11. Featured Light Under Water / The Rescheduled Dream Delivery Service / Malaysian Forest / A Tiny Coven by Tarotplane on Horizontology (12th Isle) New