Despair on the Air #83 w/ Jangus Kangus

Our 83rd episode of Despair on the Air where we welcome very special guests, Jasmine and Tristan of Jangus Kangus!

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  1. Detroit Basketball by Bad Bad Hats on Walkman (Don Giovanni) New
  2. Featured Life on the Fault Line by Jangus Kangus on Anxiety! (Hand Salad) New
  3. Break
  4. That's Life Honey by Boy Scouts on Wayfinder (Anti) New Local
  5. Holiday for Capital Placement by Poochy on A 1000 Gatos (Tono Tones)
  6. Cherry Coke by The Black Heartthrobs on Little Dennis Wilson (Self-Released)
  7. Break
  8. My Favorite T-Shirt by Yasmin Nur (Self-Released) New
  9. Survive by Nadu (Self-Released)
  10. Guest Room by Future Teens on Deliberately Alive (Take This To Heart) New
  11. Break
  12. Sorry I'm busy by The Harmaleighs on She Won't Make Sense (Self-Released)
  13. the fatalist by girlhouse on the girlhouse ep (Secret Road) New