Ep 184: "Tomorrow for All of Today"

Stoney Creation, whose Ep if it resonates.. (bandcamp)  is comprised of open sonic spaces for self-knowledge and its active form, revelation. 📸  by Gabriel Savaria.

Episode title "Tomorrow for All of Today" is from the song by Fine Steps, in memory of Kyle Hoover.

instagram: @iluvmondaysbfffm
twitter: @iluvmondaysWill
email: iluvmondaysBFFfm@gmail.com


  1. Tomorrow For All Of Today by Fine Steps on Boy's Co (self released) Local
  2. Truth by Nimsins on Water for the Town v.3 (SMARTBOMB) Local
  3. Flying Napkins by Smile Too Much on Smile Too Much (Dandy Boy)
  4. Break
  5. Effort by W0rk on Effort (self released) Local
  6. Repair by Stoney Creation on if it resonates.. (self released) Local
  7. Overwhelmed by Stoney Creation on if it resonates.. (self released) Local
  8. O'Farrell & Leavenworth by Sad Eyed Beatniks on Places of Interest (Paisley Shirt) Info

    Local Playing Thursday at the Knockout with The Telephone Numbers and The Snogs (Santa Cruz)! Proof of vaxx required.

  9. Oh, Pretender by The Telephone Numbers on The Ballad of Doug (Paisley Shirt) Local
  10. Break
  11. Charmless by The Snogs on Charmless (Discontinuous Innovations Inc) Local
  12. Running 2: Still Running by Toads on TOADS (Self-Released) Local
  13. Beach Comber by James Wavey on Snowy Beach (self released) Local
  14. Hide and Seek by Lunchbox on After School Special (Slumberland) Local
  15. Left for Dead by Psychic Hit on Solutio (Seeing Red) Local
  16. Scowl by Luke Sweeney on Critique of Nature (self released) Info

    Local Playing Bottom of the Hill Friday night! Proof of vaxx required.

  17. Break
  18. Leave it All Behind by The Reds, Pinks & Purples (self released) Local
  19. Scenic Route by Blues Lawyer on Flexi Post Card (Vacant Stare) Local
  20. Hoping No One Notice by Mahawam on Is an Island (Molly House) Local
  21. Bad for Business by CVCC on CVCC (Dandy Boy) Local
  22. Unreachable by Bobbi Rohs on itsjusttheletterb (textme records) Local
  23. Rent by Neutrals on Rent/Your House EP (Domestic Departure) Local
  24. 7 Sisters by Primal Wound (self released) Local