Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth To Power Director Abby Ginzberg

Director Abby Ginzberg is giving us life in episode 602 of the podcast. Abby is the director of the upcoming documentary Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth To Power and the film couldn't come at a better time.  Barbara Lee is a force to be reckon with - she was fighting for human rights as early as high school when she fought for herself and others, while working with the NAACP, to be considered for the cheerleading squad - not just the white, blue-eyed, blonde girls.

As a single mother Congresswoman Barbara Lee attended Mills College in Oakland, Ca. and received her Masters of Social Work from University of California, Berkeley - all the while volunteering with the Black Panther party and then working on Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm's historic presidential campaign. As timely as it is right now, Congresswoman Barbara Lee was the lone NO vote to authorize the President the use of military force in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Barbara Lee believed that the authorization would become a blank check for an endless war - HAVE YOU READ THE NEWS THIS WEEK?!

Congresswoman Lee's moral character and values have led her impeccable career in U.S. politics and we're so inspired by her story. We're glad that Abby pursued this story of Barbara Lee and hope you see Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth To Power when it comes out in theaters and streaming platforms August 20. Support women in film. Thanks for listening!

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