Hot Damn! Episode 19

In the basement of a house on some residential street, its dark and musty, sweaty and claustrophobic. Some lock rock groups are playing. The drums are loud as hell.

Featuring: Tigers Jaw, The Chats, Pinkshift, Dogleg, PUP, Title Fight, The Garden, and more!


  1. I Saw Water by Tigers Jaw on Tigers Jaw (Prison Jazz)
  2. Tiny Planets by Remember Sports on Sunchokes (Father/Daughter)
  3. gb/ol h/nf by Oso Oso on gb/ol h/nf subside (Triple Crown)
  4. Maps by The Front Bottoms on The Front Bottoms (B.A.R.N.O.N.E.)
  5. Out of Tune by The Backseat Lovers (Self-released)
  6. Mum Stole My Darts by The Chats on The Chats (Bargain Bin)
  7. i’m gonna tell my therapist on you by Pinkshift (Self-released)
  8. Beachboy by McCafferty on Beachboy (Monkey Boy)
  9. Wrist by Dogleg on Melee (Triple Crown)
  10. Future Me Hates Me by The Beths on Future Me Hates Me (Carpark)
  11. Painkiller by Beach Bunny on Prom Queen (Mom + Pop Music)
  12. Domesticated Man by The Jungle Giants on Learn to Exist (Amplifire Music)
  13. Potions by Day Wave (Harvest)
  14. Fly Out West by Yot Club (Nice Guys)
  15. plastic door// by KennyHoopla on how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway? // (Arista)
  16. Dark Days by PUP on PUP (Royal Mountain)
  17. Mrahc by Title Fight on Hyperview (ANTI-)
  18. Thy Mission by The Garden, Mac DeMarco (Epitaph)