1. Gangster Cinematic by Kodiak Kid ft. Mad Zach on Drifting Status EP (Chilla Holla)
  2. Dive Out by Mono/Poly on MONOTOMIC (Hit and Run)
  3. Fruit by Abra on Rose (Acid Palace)
  4. It's All For Youuu by Tripletrain on Issa Teklife Party (Teklife)
  5. Erotic Heat by Jlin on Dark Energy (self released)
  6. Spinout (ft. Neana) by quest?onmarq (Future Bounce)
  7. Jet Lag by Ivy Lab on Death Don't Always Taste Good (20/20 LDN)
  8. Drop Down ft Le1f & SOPHIE by Lunice on CCCLX (self released)
  9. Thass It by DJ Swisha (self released)
  10. Archangel (Quest?onmarc Extendededit) by Burial (self released)
  11. Tears in the Rain by Zomby on Where Were U In ’92? (Cult Music)
  12. Hoodwinked by J-Kenzo on Taygeta Code (self released)
  13. Put Ya BACk Into IT 2k19 by J Dub X Loco G (self released)
  14. Days by A. Fruit on Your Inner Sun (self released)
  15. Acid Squid by Asys (Cybertronic)
  16. COCO MANGO CHERRY by Kush Jones on Strictly 4 My CDJZ 4 (self released)
  17. Featured Haters Increase The Heat! by RP Boo on Established! (Planet Mu) New
  18. Timeflys by DJ Mastercard on Corrupt Memories (Mall Music)
  19. Featured Bass Hittin by DJ Earl (Teklife) New
  20. BASS DOWN LOW by ASLAMIN x DOBRIYDRUG on WorldWideJuke vol.2 (URBAN)
  21. Hold Ya Peace by Jonny Megabyte on JBDUBZ Vol. 7 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  22. Turbo by WORKFLOWW on Never Normal Soundsystem Single Series (NEVER NORMAL RECORDS)
  23. On Your Face by DJ Rashad on Jukestacy (Juke Trax Online)
  24. Victim by Traxman on Tha Volt Vol. 1 (self released)
  25. Featured Suicidal Ideation by Jana Rush on Painful Enlightenment (Planet Mu) New
  26. NU PACMAN by DJ TAYE on (On Life - (Teklife))
  27. Misty by Cuenique on Heaters Only (District 160)
  28. Toast (Clipz Bootleg) by Koffee (self release)
  29. Dritin Away (Edit) by Regal86 on Jungle Jams (ADED Files)
  30. WAIMAK WASHOUT by Liam K. Swiggs on Point Breakbeat #2 (The Big Fresh Collective)
  31. Astro Travellin by Fracture (Astrophonica)
  32. I Can Feel Your Energy by BSN Posse on #UOAI (Iberian Juke)
  33. Way You Move feat. DJ CHAP by DJ MANNY on Greenlight (Teklife)
  34. VOLUME by DJ PAYPAL on On Life (Teklife)
  35. Rain (feat. Children Of Zeus) by Lenzman on Bobby (self released)
  36. No Ordinary Love (LSB Bootleg) by Sade (self released)
  37. Microdose by Circuits (Critical Music)
  38. No Scrubs (Buckfast Terror Squad Remix) by TLC (self released)
  39. This Is Acid (Neve REFIX) by Maurice on Old School Tools Vol. 1 (The Dreamers)
  40. WORK DAT MUTHA FUCKA (footwork Remix) Feat Steve Pointdexter - by TRAXMAN on TEKLIFE009 (Teklife)
  41. Skkrtt by DJ Orange Julius on The Grove (Mall Music)
  42. G.Y.S.T.B. by Sonic D on JBDUBZ Vol. 7 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  43. Walk It Out (DJ Rashad Slip Away Remix) by Scratcha DVA on Mad Hatter, Fly Juice Compilation (self released)
  44. Gypsy Woman (Qua Rush REFIX) by Crystal Waters on Old School Tools Vol. 1 (The Dreamers)
  45. Turbo Toms by Fracture on Soundboy Get Nervous EP (Exit)
  46. #000000 NN DA CLUB by Suzi Analogue on ZONEZ V.2 (Never Normal)
  47. THERAFLU by DURBAN on Teklife VIP (Teklife)
  48. New Start by DJ RASHAD x DJ SPINN x TASO on New Start (Teklife)
  49. Feelin by DJ Rashad (Hyperdub)
  50. I Really Feel by DJ Spinn on Man I Do It EP (Planet Mu)
  51. You Look Good!!! by DJ Orange Julius on Pleasure (Mall Music)
  52. Closer (Stayhigh VIP) by Ravyn Lenae (self released)
  53. Each & Every by Hyroglifics on No Drama EP (self released)
  54. Soundwise by Proc Fiskal on Gradients Vol. 2 (Astrophonica)
  55. Chatter by - dBridge X Itti X Kabuki X Undefined on (single - (New Forms/Exit))