MUSIC PLEASE | episode seventy four


  1. Featured honey by Halsey on If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power (UMG) New
  2. Featured Final Girl by CHVRCHES on Screen Violence (Virgin Records) New
  3. Featured Bonnie Hill by Jungle on Loving In Stereo (Caiola Records) New
  4. I Went Out by Kyle Lux on I Went Out (Self-Released) New
  5. Adult Movies by Litany on Adult Movies (Self-Released) New
  6. Featured Quiet On Set by Remi Wolf on Quiet On Set / Grumpy Old Man (Island Records) New Local
  7. Featured See Me Here, See Me Now by Great Food Fine Ok, John Splithoff on See Me Here, See Me Now (Self-Released) New
  8. Featured Space For Me by Zak Leever on Space For Me (Alma Mater Records) New
  9. Less Talk by CLYPSO on Less Talk (etcetc Music Pty Ltd)
  10. Featured Secrets (Your Fire) by Magdalena Bay on Secrets (Your Fire) (Luminelle Recordings) New
  11. Featured August (Shura Remix) by Jimmy Smash, Shura on August (Shura Remix) (Compro Records) New
  12. Treat You Better by Elohim on Treat You Better (Self-Released) New
  13. Featured WHAT'S IN YOUR HEAD by BIIANCO, Luna Shadows on WHAT'S IN YOUR HEAD (Self-Released) New
  14. Your Lover by Ehrling on Your Lover (Tropicalez) New
  15. Featured Cold Heart - PNAU Remix by Elton John, Dua Lipa, PNAU on Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) (Mercury Records) New
  16. Featured Baxter (These Are My Friends) by Fred Again…, Baxter Dury on Baxter (These Are My Friends) (Warner) New
  17. Featured In My Soul by Never Dull on Secret Stash Collection (Self-Released) New
  18. Featured It's Like A Dream by NEIL FRANCES on It's Like A Dream (Self-Released) New
  19. Featured Grumpy Old Man by Remi Wolf on Quiet On Set / Grumpy Old Man (Island Records) New Local
  20. Featured Coming Down by bad tuner on self-care (Self-Released) New
  21. Butterflies (with Starrah & Four Tet) by Skrillex, Starrah, Four Tet on Butterflies (with Starrah & Four Tet) (OWSLA/Atlantic) New
  22. Featured Future Starts Now by Kim Petras on Future Starts Now (Amigo Records, LLC) New
  23. Featured In Motion by EVAN GIIA, Reo Cragun, MEMBA on ENDORPHINS (Self-Released) New
  24. Featured All Of The Time by Jungle on Loving in Stereo (AWAL) New
  25. Featured Do You Feel The Same? by Emmit Fenn on All This To Live For (TH3RD BRAIN) New