1. Mama by Spice Girls on Spice (Virgin Records)
  2. Falling by Dude York (Hardly Art)
  3. JBS by Chaz Bundick & The Mattson 2 on Star Stuff (company records)
  4. Whose Heart by Okey Dokey on Tell All Your Friend (Okey Doke Unlimited)
  5. Angels by Tino Drima on Her Kind Of Man (self release)
  6. Yes I'm Changing by Tame Impala on Currents (Modular)
  7. Keepsake (Xanax With You Last Spring) by New Fossils on Negative Thinking (Self Release)
  8. Pink by No Rome on Crying in the Prettiest Places (Dirty Hit)
  9. Impressions by Carpool Tunnel (Sound B Studios)
  10. Two Oceans by Weaves on Weaves (Kanine)
  11. Who Said What by Mayya & the Revolutionary Hell Yeah on Open Minds Open Minds
  12. False Anthem by Summer Cannibals on False Anthem (Tiny Engines)
  13. Yellowjacket by Shutups (Astro Lizard Records)
  14. I Wanna Keep Your Dog by Illuminati Hotties on I Wanna Keep Your Dog (Tiny Engines)
  15. too young to burn by sonny & the sunsets on tommorrow is alright (fat possum records)
  16. Lonely Loner Friends by Gestures & Sounds on Lightning is the name of a dog (Self Release)
  17. Better Than I Was Before by Byron Mayhew (Self Release)
  18. Unspoken History by Alex Lahey (Dead Oceans)
  19. The Diaries of David Darling by Max Gardener on Children Melting Velvet (Self Release)
  20. Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams by Camp Cope on Camp Cope (POISON CITY RECORDS)
  21. After All This Time by Shipright (Self Release)
  22. All The Ways by Wet on Don't You (Columbia Records)
  23. Even Whisper by Fashionista Boyfriend on Last Night (Self Release)
  24. Cold Tides by Honey Cutt on Sunny F.L. (Yellow K Record)
  25. Sad Sandra by Baseball Gregg on Vacation (La Barberia)
  26. Dream Within A Dream by Tristen (This Man Records)
  27. songs r worthless now by field medic on fade into the daw (Run For Cover)
  28. Yours by Now, Now on Saved (Trans)
  29. Your Guy by The Band Ice Cream on Numbskull (Urban Scandal)
  30. see me on the outside! by mmmonika (Youth Biking Global)
  31. Sailing by Same Girls on Young Minded (Text Me Records)
  32. Doesn't Matter by Christine and the Queens on Chris (Capitol)