1. Devil Moon by Eric McFadden on Devil Moon (Bad Reputation)
  2. 7 Inches by Kate Vargas on For The Wolfish & Wandering (Kate Vargas)
  3. Shake Well by SHAKE WELL on Shake Well (Witness Protection)
  4. We're Not Gonna Take It by Metalachi on Tres (Yardart)
  5. Village Of Love by The Detroit Cobras on The Original Recordings (Distrolux, SL)
  6. Drive Me Wild by Richmond Sluts on Richmond Sluts (Shea Roberts)
  7. Shake by HOT Laundry on Shake (Golden Robot)
  8. Pretty Little Lights Of Town by Red Meat on We Never Close (Ranchero)
  9. King of The Rosemead Boogie by I See Hawks In L.A. on Live and Never Learn (I See Hawks In L.A.)
  10. No River by Esmé Patterson on We Were Wild (Grand Jury Music)
  11. Driving to Milwaukee by Skyway Man on Greetings From Marquette: Music From Joe Pera Talks With You Part 2 (Skyway Man)
  12. I Will Make You Mine by Yea-Ming and the Rumours on I will Make You Mine (Yea-Ming and The Rumours)
  13. New Comedown by Plague Vendor on By Night (Epitaph)
  14. cosmos mojo by Bolero! on Bolero! (self released)
  15. Feel Like Shit by SadGirl on Vol. One (Hard Feelings Records)
  16. Life of a Thousand Girls by Nobody's Baby on Nobody's Baby (Tiger Dream)
  17. Comfortable by Killer Whale on Tastes Like Yesterday (Devil In The Woods)
  18. Dr. Frankensteen by Bong Kitty on Bong Kitty (614509 Records DK)
  19. Disorder by Meatbodies on Meatbodies (In The Red Records)
  20. Voodoo Doll by Matt Jaffe on Kintsugi (Matt Jaffe)
  21. A New Place by Jeff Symonds on River Run (Jeff Symonds)
  22. American Music by The Blasters on The Blasters Collection (Warner)
  23. Michael's 19th Nervous Breakdown by Michael James Tapscott on The Only Dance There Is (Michael James Tapscott)
  24. Spider Wolf by Polyrhythmics on Caldera (Polyrhythmics)
  25. Hotel Pool by Radio Veloso on Radio Veloso (Radio Veloso)
  26. The Windmill of The Autumn Sky by The Asteroid #4 on The Windmill of The Autumn Sky (Dock Ellis)
  27. Let It Begin by Silent Pictures on Let It Begin (Green Fuse)
  28. Hello Stranger by Trish Toledo on Dedicated to the Ones I Love, Vol. 2 (Silent Giant)
  29. Double Life by The Warlocks on The Chain (Cleopatra)
  30. Wildflowers by The Spiral Electric on Wildflowers (The Spiral Electric)
  31. Four by No Joy on Motherhood (Joyful Noise)