transfiguration #205 peaking my head out to say hello mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Effets de Serres I by Lieven Martens on Serrisme (Edições CN)
  2. Feathers by Roy Of The Ravers on White Sunrise II.I (Le Roy Soleil) (emotional response)
  3. What For by Dearly Departure on Identity Grief (self released)
  4. You Going by Pedro Singery on Death For Never (confuso editions)
  5. Something About You (feat. Dent May) by Eyedress on Mulholland Drive (Lex Records Ltd)
  6. Remember Blushing by Charles on Let's Start a Family Tonight (Babe City Records)
  7. Bitter Streets by Sault on Nine (Forever Living Originals)
  8. Heartbeat Summer by NUBACK on Summer Breaks (we vinyl)
  9. On Your Mind by Saccades on Flowing Fades (Fuzz Club Records)
  10. Just a Step Behind by Great Pagans (Cupboard Music / Anti-Ghost Moon Ray)
  11. Vcl XI by Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark on Organisation (Virgin Records Limited)
  12. Change by Tears for Fears on The Hurting (Mercury Records Limited)
  13. Colores by Frythm & Cé Cicada on Flow Remixes (SXN)
  14. Leave by Sofie & Speckman on Chill Pill III (Public Possession)
  15. In My Mind (feat. Denitia) by POSY on Abroad (Bastard Jazz Recordings)
  16. Fora by Southern Shores on Fora (Cascine)
  17. Another Lover (Octo Octa's River Flow Mix) by Little Dragon on New Me, Same Us Remix (Ninja Tune)
  18. Hidden by Horizons (feat. Morgane Diet) by Lone on Always Inside Your Head (Greco-Roman Ltd)
  19. Unknown Dance (feat. Achico) [Vocal Version] by speedometer. on Unknown Dance (Jun Records)
  20. Want To Go by Council on One Hundred Nights (Polychrome Audio)
  21. Silk Surface (Dub Mix) by fleet.dreams (Leopard Cage)
  22. 숨(Breath) by Mogwaa & Xin Seha on Chill Pill III (Public Possession)
  23. Soap Opera by (((sssurrounddd))) (Jun Records)
  24. Nabi (feat. OHHYUK) by Peggy Gou on Nabi (feat. OHHYUK) (Gudu Records)
  25. Histoire d'un soir (Bye bye les galères) [Version originale 1983] by Bibi Flash on Best of Bibi Flash Collector (Le meilleur des années 80) (Musiques & Solutions)
  26. Will U by Nice Girl on Chill Pill III (Public Possession)
  27. Wake up by DIDI HAN on Wake Up (Roche Musique)
  28. Tell Me by Mira Lo on Happy House, Vol. 3 (Happiness Therapy)
  29. I Felt Love by Blue Hawaii on Under 1 House (Arbutus Records Inc.)