spin The bottle sessions episode 10!

hooray! I have made it to the 10th episode ! This Monday is Guna be filled with brand new music from a bunch of amazing artists. I met through out the course of the bff.fm scavenger hunt ! check it out on bff.fm .3 days of events through out the city and clues to find !. We had one at milk bar from 2-6! and another show at gestalt from 6 -10 ! two shows one day what a saturday it was ! Tune in and Enjoy the Labor Day weekend !


  1. johnnys got a gun by dead moon on defiance (in grooves)
  2. fun by max pain and the groovies on electro cosmic (psych lake city records)
  3. don't you say you love me by miranda and the beat on please don't say you love me (records dk)
  4. king khan and the shrines by 69 faces of love on king khan and the shrines (tune core)
  5. wanda jackson by funnel of love on wanda jackson (wmg)
  6. we used to be friends by dandy Warhols on monkey house (capitol records)
  7. bad woman by fallen angels on fallen angels (eceip)
  8. satan speeds up by king gizzard and lizard wizard on im in your mind fuzz (pias umg)
  9. call me by mirth jones on telephonic lover (self released)
  10. disco fever by GOAT on world music (rocket recordings)
  11. summers child by steel mill on green eyed god (wmg)
  12. do rainbows have ends? by Brian jonestown massacre on Brian Jonestown massacre (the committee to keep music evil)
  13. drinking on the road by drunk dom and the roaches on shity side of the city (devils partner)
  14. green eyed god by steel mill on green eyed god (umg)
  15. green eyed lady by sugar loaf on sugar loaf (umg)
  16. motorider by glitter wizard on hunting gathers (captcha records)
  17. cinnamon lover by treasures on gold rush city (self released)
  18. our favorite martian by the bobby fuller four on never to be forgotten (umg)
  19. mycelia by glitter wizard on hollow earth tour (heavy psych sound records)
  20. all the same by John hollywood on young hearts mansion (self released)
  21. solid but its not by harlow monkeys on when I wake up from my butterflies dream (self released)
  22. stranger riffs by dirty harps on dirty harps (self released)
  23. mulberry lemon bag by cactus portal on sporadic formations (self released)
  24. quit your job by friends with out benefits on fictional characters/real entertainment (self released)
  25. lovers road by doc gunn on rainbows and snowflakes (batdog records)
  26. Casey litter by portland on litter limited (litter limited)
  27. born in the dark by dirty harps on dirty harps (self released)
  28. nothing new by PEÑA on nothing new (self released)
  29. world on fire by tilden on world on fire (self released)
  30. lost and looking by Spencer j on demosuperbeattapessupreme (self released)
  31. love me while you can by Andy bender on dogs (self released)
  32. bad seeds by taste of the same on the seeds (wmg)