Sounds In The Dark - 9.15.21

Tonight's edition wraps around three wonderful longform ambient pieces I've re-discovered - Bill Laswell + Terre Thaemlitz' Insectoidal Regression, David Newlyn's Church Fires and Eluvium's Static Nocturne. That and a few other choice works makes tonight's episode a special listen.


  1. Accepted Isolation by Alonefold on Signpost Horizons (Rural Colours)
  2. Featured Insectoidal Regression by Bill Laswell and Terre Thaemlitz on Web (Subharmonic)

    I love this track. It's my favorite on the record (released 1995), and a pretty unique collaboration for Bill Laswell, who usually is doing some pretty loud free jazz. However, in the spirit of Laswell's 'collision music' concept bringing Terre Thaemlitz into the mix is a perfect choice.

  3. Featured Church Fires by David Newlyn on Church Fires (Polar Seas Recordings)

    An absolutely lovely 40+ minutes of shifting tones, some of the most gentle and enjoyable work I've heard. This came out in 2015, following a few really great records that are a bit more 'conventional' for Newlyn (more making use of his skills as a pianist).

  4. Featured Static Nocturne by Eluvium on Static Nocturne (Watership Sounds)

    Everything you'd expect from a long Eluvium piece. By far my favorite of Matthew Cooper's work is the rare CATALIN record , but in terms of sheer atmospheric weight and variety of textures, 2010's Static Nocturne is top-notch work.