The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Plack Blague & DJ Ichabod (Nashville) 9/21/21


  1. Dangerous by Plack Blague (Wade Corps)
  2. Angel (Deejaydead Remixx) by Wumpscut on Born Again (Metropolis)
  3. Another One Bites The Dust by Die Krupps on Songs From The Dark Side Of Heaven (Cleopatra)
  4. Voiceless by 3TEETH on shutdown exe (OMF)
  5. I Touch Roses by Book Of Love on Book Of Love (Sire)
  6. Boyz Club by Plack Blague on Leather Band EP (Cubicle)
  7. A Nation Fit For Heroes by The Damned on So, Who's Paranoid? (The English Channel)
  8. Becoming by Creux Lies on Goodbye Divine (Young And Cold)
  9. In My Side by Vision Video on Inked in Red (Icy Cold)
  10. Love Or Madness by Sevit on On The Edge Of A Darker Place (InClub)
  11. Joie De Blague by Plack Blague on A Compilation For Practically Everyone (FPE)
  12. He's A Liquid by John Foxx on Metamatic (Virgin)
  13. Survive The Night by Hapax on Cave (Swiss Dark Nights)
  14. Goodbye Horses by Saigon Blue Rain (self released/Bandcamp)