World of Echo Episode 158


  1. Act II: Scene I: Death of a Woman by Elodie Lauten on The Death of Don Juan: An Opera in Two Acts (Unseen Worlds)
  2. Piece for Tape Recorder by Vladimir Ussachevsky on Pioneers of Electronic Music (New World Records)
  3. Gurbet by Özdemir Erdogan on Ölü Gözüyle İzlenimler (Hap Plak)
  4. Perla Luna by Claudio Rocchi on La Norma Del Cielo (Volo Magico N. 2) (Sony Music)
  5. Riding the Storm by Laurie Spiegel on Unseen Worlds (Unseen Worlds)
  6. Sky with Four Moons by Oliver Coates on John Luther Adams: Canticles of the Sky/ Three High Places (RVNG Intl.)
  7. Controlled Burn by Stacy Fahrion, Maddie Ashman, Daisy Press (self-released)
  8. Witness by Lyra Pramuk on Fountain (Bedroom Community)
  9. Cast of Mind by Kali Malone on Cast of Mind (Hallow Ground)