spin The bottle sessions episode 7

Another jam packed two hours of new music coming your way from 2-4 pm stay tuned we got tons of fun coming to you right now and every Monday!

Lets celebrate the return  live music ! Hit me up to book and film your shows!


  1. this thing of ours by Corvus and the morning star on Corvus and the morning star (self released)
  2. scary hairy by honey train on honey train (shithouse records)
  3. side walking by cigarette bums on side walking (sick city records)
  4. liar by built to spin on you in reverse (wmg)
  5. do rainbows have ends by Brian jonestown massacre on Brian Jonestown massacre (self released)
  6. nissim by the gas lamp killer on the Gaslamp killer (wmg)
  7. pista(great start) by los bitchos on pista (great start) (tune core)
  8. sweet talking candy man by beyond the valley of dolls on beyond the valley of dolls (wmg)
  9. stay forever by ween on white pepper (wmg)
  10. when are you coming home by miranda and the beat on miranda and the beat (self released)
  11. your party by ween on la cucaracha (wmg)
  12. self destruct by wicked pricks on self destruct (self released)
  13. midnight witch by ash on brown acid vol 2 (riding easy records)
  14. bell park loon by spiny norman on brown acid (riding easy records)
  15. ring by Michelle blades on ring (midnight special records)
  16. hard to hold on to by egg drop soup on eat snacks and bleed (cd baby)
  17. I've got news for you by Vincent Laguardia gambini on sings just for you (sony)
  18. street casino by max pain and the groovies on street casino (the orchard enterprise)
  19. such a fool by miranda and the beat on miranda and the beat (self released)
  20. cold dead hand by Jim carey on funny or die (funny or die)
  21. twist by body heat on twist (self released)
  22. solid gold by big fun on oogely bogey (goldfinger enterprise)
  23. hell by buzzed light beer on hell (self released)
  24. mahavira by surprise privilege on surprise privilege (self released)
  25. dudes blood by John hogan mark "gator"rogowski on John hogan mark "gator"rogowski (stoked rise and fall of gator)
  26. fear and power by self improvement on self improvement (self released)
  27. can I run by L7 on hungry for stink (wmg)
  28. bad woman by fallen angles on fallen angels (eceip)
  29. too many girls by mystery lights on the mystery lights (tune core)
  30. lovers road by doc gunn on rainbows and snowflakes (batdog records)
  31. smile by Joel gion on apple bonkers (the committee to keep music evil)