1. Hello by Jaunt on Chat - EP (Self Released)
  2. Oh Bondage! Up Yours! by X-Ray Spex on Germ Free Adolescence (Virgin)
  3. Deceptacon by Le Tigre on Le Tigre (Mr. Lady)
  4. M.E. by Gary Neuman on The Pleasure Principle (Beggars Banquet)
  5. Featured NSA (Company Holidays) by Shutups (Kill Rock Stars) New Local
  6. Featured My Friend by Kevin Nichols on Dissapointer (Slang Church) Local
  7. Featured Plastic Island by Slumped on A Comedy of Errors (Self-Released) Local
  8. Many Times by Dijon (Warner) New
  9. amphetamine by boylife (Self-Released) New
  10. Pretty Pictures by Indigo De Souza on Any Shape You Take (Saddle Creek) New
  11. range brothers by Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar on The Melodic Blue (Columbia Records) New
  12. Kick Some Ass by Stroke 9 on Rip It Off (Universal)
  13. Evian (feat. PinkPantheress, Rizloski & Rax) by GoldLink on HARAM! (RCA)
  14. Easy Like Before by Cystal Murray on I Was Wrong (Becuase Music)
  15. Featured What's Life by De Lux on Uneven - EP (Innovative Leisure)
  16. Falls On Me by Sylvie & Marina Allen (Self-Titled) New
  17. I Don't Wanna Feel No More by Reggie (Self-Released)
  18. Say Goodbye by Hiroshi Sato on Awakening (feat. Wendy Matthews) (Alfa)