b.a.a.a.m. radio (ep. 16)

on this episode, we play some upbeat indie rock songs integrated in with some slower tunes~ you end up kinda getting the best of both worlds here


  1. Summer Storm by Fox + Sui on Taboo (Two Bright Lakes)
  2. Dawn Patrol by Mild High Club on Going Going Gone (Stones Throw Records) New
  3. Oh Dove by Men I Trust on Untourable Album (Independent) New
  4. Tangerine by Beach Fossils on Somersault (P-VINE Inc.)
  5. Tummy Rumblin by Small Crush (Asian Man Records) Local
  6. Life Again by Blossom Caldarone (Sid & Ruby Recordings)
  7. Tudo Que Eu Nao Fiz by O Terno on atras/alem (Self released)
  8. We Never Turn Our Lights Off by BOYO on We Never Turn Our Lights Off (Park the Van) New
  9. When U Loved Me by Hether (Hether4theweather)
  10. Snacks by Oscar Lang on Silk (Dirty Hit)
  11. Hush- Still Woozy Remix by The Marias, Still Woozy (Nice Life Recording Company) New
  12. We Are the Ones by Mae Powell on Both Ways Brighter (Park The Van) New Local
  13. Near Sleeper (Outtake) by Plums (Self released)
  14. 5 Long Days by Mind Shrine (Self-Released)
  15. Asphalt Kiss by Juicebumps on Hello Pinky! (Lil Slugger) Local
  16. Plume by Shimmertraps on LOOK! (Spirit Goth Records)
  17. Glo Ride by Hot Flash Heat Wave on Glo Ride (Broken) Local
  18. Treasure Island by Pearl & The Oysters on Flowerland (Feeltrip Records) New
  19. Superfood by RALPH TV on superfood (Nice guys) New
  20. Words of Welcome by Mint on Mentha (Slang Church) Local
  21. Near You by The Umbrellas on The Umbrellas (Slumberland Records) New Local
  22. Friends Forever by Mediocre Cafe on Easy Listening (Park The Van) Local
  23. Your Imagination by Babe Rainbow, Jaden on Your Imagination (Eureka) New
  24. Cant Get You Outta My Head by Young Bull on Sopadelic (Self released)
  25. Moon Undah Water by Puma Blue on Moon Undah Water (Blue Flowers Music)
  26. Low Fidelity by Lofi Legs on Sand Songs (Self released) Local
  27. Back, Baby by Jessica Pratt on On Your Own Love Again (Drag City)
  28. Gold Dust by Duster on Stratosphere (Numero Group)
  29. Featured Dern Kala by Khruangbin on The Universe Smiles Upon You (Nite Time Stories Ltd)
  30. Without Me by Smoothboi Ezra on Stuck (Self-released) New
  31. Ylang Ylang by FKJ, ((( O ))) on Ylang Ylang EP (Mom+Pop)