Cock Rock BBQ #15 (DJ AssPlay Strikes Yet Again)


  1. Return of Pagan Yorkshire by White Medal on Guthmers Hahl (Legion Blotan)
  2. Song of Sarin, the Brave by The Body on All the Waters of the Earth Shall Turn to Blood (Aum War)
  3. Pimps of Gennesaret by Grand Belial's Key on Judeobeast Assassination (Drakkar Productions)
  4. Hate Is For Beginners by Brighter Death Now on With Promises Of Death (Familjegraven)
  5. Auschwitz by Maurizio Bianchi on Symphony for a Genocide (Sterile Records)
  6. Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand? by Iron Fist Of The Sun on Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand (Cold Spring)
  7. Bless by Felicita
  8. Pass Me My Double Cup by Fredo Santana on Ain't No Money Like Trap Money
  9. Unequal by Holly Herndon on Platform (4AD)
  10. Ravers by Destroyer on Bay of Pigs (Merge Records)
  11. Scatterheart by Bjork on Selmasongs (Elektra)
  12. My Name Is God (I Hate You) by Eyehategod on Dopesick (Century Media)
  13. Hogg by Total Abuse on Prison Sweat (Post Present Medium)
  14. Traditional Snowfall by Prurient on Frozen Niagara Falls (Profound Lore Records)
  15. The Medicined Man by Namanax on Gummo (London Records)
  16. Reachin For My Mask by Nigga Creep on Demons Takin Over Me
  17. Smart Mouth (Prod. by Chief Keef) by Gucci Mane on King Gucci
  18. Rob The Plug by YT Triz on Dysfunctional
  19. Spaghetti Factory by Young Thug