transfiguration #208 imagination library mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Refrain (A Whisper, An Alarm) by Lea Bertucci on A Visible Length of Light (Cibachrome Editions)
  2. No Expectations by Remotif on The Sound of Hope Played Backwards (Pleasant Life)
  3. The Antidote by Sweatson Klank on Jewels from the Sun EP (Friends Of Friends)
  4. Now More Than Ever by Eddie C on On the Shore (Endless Flight)
  5. Paul's Place by Redinho on Finally We're Alone (self released)
  6. Twist Club by Jad & The on Twist Club (FINA Records)
  7. Last Exit to Transkei by Abel Ray on Last Exit to Transkei (PRAH Recordings)
  8. Misplaced Ceiling by Motoko & Myers on Colocate (Soda Gong)
  9. Atmos by Alien House on Playground (self released)
  10. Nu World by Max Wyatt on 00Am003 (00:AM)
  11. Hocus Pocus by Iñigo Vontier & Simple Symmetry on Multi Culti Equinox I (Multi Culti)
  12. Toucan by Clive From Accounts on Cooking the Books - EP (Dirt Crew Recordings)
  13. Piece of Paradise by Silence Path & Emotional Tourist on Piece of Paradise (When We Dip XYZ)
  14. Due North by Glo Phase on Early Moments (100% Silk)
  15. Iasos 79 'til Infinity by Carlos Niño & Friends on More Energy Fields, Current (International Anthem)
  16. Blue Sky Unravel by Tom VR on Please Keep Shimmering (all my thoughts)
  17. Seeing is Forgetting by Jared Wilson on Seeing is Forgetting (self released)
  18. Botanica (CK & Central Remix) by Lattice on Body of Water (air miles)
  19. Gravel by Longhair on Ja Wie? (Permanent Vacation)
  20. Ctairs by Christian Engh on Ctairs (Full Pupp)
  21. Invercargirl by Eden Burns on Big Beat Manifesto Vol. II (Public Possession)
  22. Peace & Tranquility by E00 on Peace & Tranquility (Radiant Love)
  23. Optimist by Marc Brauner on Patience (Shall Not Fade LTD)