Sounds In The Dark - 9.29.21

Tonight's edition features new beats from Call Super, Octo Octa, Pole and some great soundscapes from Philip Jeck + Faith Coloccia, Ulrich Schnauss + Mark Peters, Salamanda and plenty more.


  1. Featured Cherry Drops by Call Super on Cherry Drops I (Can You Feel the Sun)

    New New record from Call Super (Joseph Richmond Seaton), just out last week. Cherry Drops II releases October 22nd.

  2. Find Your Way Home by Octo Octa on She's Calling EP (T4T LUV NRG)

    New A cool EP that came out earlier this year from producer Maya Bouldry-Morrison, essentially the third in a musical cycle focused on the connections between music and ritual.

  3. Rost by Pole on Tanzboden (Mute)

    New A side of a recently released (August) single from the venerable Pole (Stefan Betke), available as a 12".

  4. Schwarzschild Radius by Stephan Mathieu on A Static Place (12k)
  5. Konigsforst 5 by GAS on Konigsforst (Kompakt)
  6. Consumer Recreation Service by Patricia on Free Lunch (None Records)

    Some fun stuff from Max Ravitz out in North Carolina, this EP came out back in 2018.

  7. Hindsight Is 20/20 by Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters on Destiny Waiving (Bureau B)

    New Released just four days ago. Sweet collab between Schauss and Peters (previously of Engineers).

  8. Acquire The Air by Faith Coloccia & Philip Jeck on Stardust (Touch)

    New Really good release from Jeck and Coloccia (of Mamiffer note). Came out May of this year.

  9. Rainfall by Fennesz on Agora (Touch)
  10. Coda For Glenn by alva noto + Nilo + Fennesz + Francesco Tristano + Ryuichi Sakamoto on Glenn Gould Gathering (Sony Music Japan)

    The original Japan release is in Kanji - translation into English used here for your consumption.

  11. Boiled Tomato by Salamanda on Sphere (Metron Records)

    New Releases on the 29th (today). Great new work from the Korean minimalist project. Had to choose this given we have a ton of tomatoes in the garden

  12. Beppe by Elin Piel on The Unrush Files 02 - Rush of Communion (Unrush) New
  13. Nor (Excerpt) by Loren Connors & Oren Ambarchi on Leone (Family Vineyard)