Ep. 34 - "Hapaxanthous"


  1. Sea Of Japan by Earl Greyhound on Suspicious Package (Hawk Race Records)
  2. A Love You'll Never Know by The Wytches on Three Mile Ditch (Cable Code)
  3. Heavy Days by Still Corners (Wrecking Light) New
  4. Evergreen by The Fiery Furnaces on EP (Rough Trade)
  5. We Do Parties by Deerhoof on Breakup Song (ATP/Recordings) Local
  6. The Beachland Ballroom by IDLES (Partisan) New
  7. Mission Desire by Jane Weaver on The Silver Globe (Finders Keepers)
  8. Gold Cup / Plastic Sole by POND on 9 (Spinning Top) New
  9. Acheron by DIIV on Deceiver (Captured Tracks)
  10. Working For The Knife by Mitski (Dead Oceans) New
  11. Revive by Crying on Beyond The Fleeting Gales (Run For Cover)
  12. Queen Sophie For President by The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die on Illusory Walls (Epitaph) New
  13. Exodus Damage by John Vanderslice on Pixel Revolt (Barsuk) Local
  14. Neil by Eggstone on Vive La Difference! (Vibrafon)
  15. Farrar, Straus, & Giroux (Sea Of Tears) by Destroyer on Streethawk: A Seduction (Merge)
  16. Surgeon by St. Vincent on Strange Mercy (4AD)
  17. Keep Me Awake by Posse on Horse Blanket (self-released)
  18. Cabin Fever by Subsonic Eye on Nature Of Things (Middle Class Cigars) New
  19. Bathysphere by Smog on Wild Love (Drag City)
  20. Love Kills Slowly by Iceage on Seek Shelter (Mexican Summer) New
  21. Wind Phoenix (Proper Name) by Cymbals Eat Guitars on Why There Are Mountains (Sinderlyn)
  22. Michael a Grammar by Broadcast on Tender Buttons (Warp)
  23. My Mistakes by Eleanor Friedberger on Last Summer (Merge)
  24. Low Era by Geese (Partisan) New
  25. Shirt by Menomena on I Am The Fun Blame Monster! (Muuuhahaha)
  26. Super Natural Teeth by Pet Shimmers on Face Down In Meta (SR)
  27. Shellstar by Deafheaven on Infinite Granite (Sargent House) New Local