Sounds in the Dark - 10.20.21

Tonight's edition features some great tunes from Matthew Halsall, Good Weather for an Airstrike, Philippe Cote + Marc Copland, Helge Lien Trio, Rival Consoles, Proem, plus a re-release of Ochre's Lemodie. Plus tons more!


  1. Harmony with Nature (Live) by Matthew Halsall on Salute to the Sun: Live at Hallé St Peter's (Gondwana Records)

    New Live jazz is better 100% of the time relative to the recording. Recorded live jazz gets you at least halfway there. A live version of the opener from Helsall's great 2020 record Salute To the Sun.

  2. Folkmost Revisited by Helge Lien Trio on Folkmost Revisited (Ozella Music) New
  3. The Bond by Philippe Cote, Marc Copland on Fleur Revisited (Odd Sound)

    New New record out Nov. 5th. Collaboration between Cote (reeds) and Copland (piano) with the Quatuor Saguenay String Quartet.

  4. In Select Everlight by G.S. Schray on The Changing Account (Last Resort)

    New A truly pretty solo record from Gabriel Schray - from Akron, OH no less. Pressing was released in August.

  5. Beneath Fleeting Visions by Ochre on Lemodie (15h Anniversary Edition) (Lapsus Records)

    New This is a truly awesome record. So yes to a re-press.

  6. Monster by Rival Consoles on Overflow (Erased Tapes)

    New Out December 3rd - Reminds me that one of my favorite shows at The Independent in SF was Rival Consoles opening for Kiasmos.

  7. Born In A Tropical Swamp by Secede on Tryshala (Sending Orbs)

    This is seriously one of my favorite records.

  8. They Leave In Autumn by Miwon on A to B (City Centre Offices)
  9. Cerroverb by Skee Mask on Compro (Ilian Tape)

    Fabulous record from 2018.

  10. Brambles by Mists Inhabit this Place on Project XII (Deutsche Grammophon)

    A sweet piece of music for the Project XII compilation record from Brambles.

  11. It Was A Ghost Town by Good Weather For An Airstrike on It Was A Ghost Town (Valley View Records)

    New Tom Honey has been extremely prolific these days - always a treat.

  12. 18 Minutes of Beautiful Drone by Proem on Twelve Tails (the 1056)

    New I love a tune that does what it says on the tin. Always enjoyed the literally true song titles from folks like Keith Fullerton Whitman and Fridge. More than that - this is a particularly cool release as it was all the product of Richard Bailey's live performances streamed over twitch, using a modular synth, some pedals and a few mics.

  13. From A Hundred by Isan on Lamenting Machine (Morr Music)

    ISAN are Robin Saville and Antony Ryan - this record is from 2019.

  14. Cluster by Sunda Arc on Tides (Gondwana Records)

    If you know the Smart brothers' other project Mammal Hands, you'll be amazed at the musical versatility shown here.

  15. Deep Space Habitat by Radioactive Man on Luxury Sky Garden (Asking For Trouble)
  16. chessa by Shuttle358 on Field (12k)

    I love Shuttle358. That is all.