ASTRAL TRANSMISSIONS #100 - Celebrating 100 Episodes!


  1. You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (Kenny Summit, Frankie Knuckles, & Eric Kupper Unreleased Anthem) by Lou Rawls on The Director’s Cut Collection (So Sure Music)
  2. Hornz by Acey on JBDUBZ5 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  3. It's All For Youuu by Tripletrain on Issa Teklife Party (Teklife)
  4. He Ain't Bout It by DJ Nate on Bangs & Works Vol.1 (A Chicago Footwork Compilation) (Planet Mu)
  5. Featured 3 Blind Mice by Gant-Man on It’s About Time (Dance mania)
  6. Featured Distorted Sensory [Gant-Man Original Mix] by Gant-Man on distorted sensory (Teklife)
  7. Featured Baby Wants To Ride (Re-Directed) by Frankie Knuckles Pres. Director’s Cut Feat. Jamie Principle on The Director’s Cut Collection (So Sure Music)
  8. Zorbent by bastiengoat on ARC (self released) Local
  9. Featured The 604 by DJ Deeon on U.G. (Dance Mania)
  10. Wait by DJ Milton on Something 2 Hoe 2 (self released)
  11. Addicted2Luv by Billund the Kid on Boot Legs 001 (Special Blends)
  12. Featured Housefly by DJ Deeon on U.G. (Dance Mania)
  13. Featured Shut Up 97 by DJ Chip on Carbooties (Dance Mania)
  14. Featured Work It Out by DJ J.R. Dionte (Dance Mania)
  15. I'm Tippin by Shawn Cartier & Dufraine on GHETTOGETHER 2 (Planetaria Soundsystem)
  16. La Noche que Chicago Murió (M. Printzen Remix) by Banda Toro on Bootwork Vol. 1 (self released)
  17. Featured Bow-Oh by RP Boo on CFology Mixtape Vol. 1 (CFology)
  18. Big Balenci by DJ SWISHA on Grape Surgery - Big Balenci (self released)
  19. Brand New Drop (Nikki Nair Remix) by Addison Groove (Gutterfunk)
  20. Featured BANG SKI ( GO TO THA MO ) JUKE VERSION 150BPM by DJ STAK CHIP on party crack (self released)
  21. Featured THE WHISTLE SONG (chicago Ghetto Juke house Style Remix) r.i.p frankie by Traxman (self released)
  22. Featured Heart Breakk by DJ Earl on I Don’t Know EP (self released)
  23. Featured liar by dj phil on teklifevip2020 (teklife)
  24. Do It Again (Ft. DJ Spinn & DJ Manny) by DJ Rashad on We On 1 (southern belle)
  25. Omen by HomeSick on Isolation Tape (BSTS)
  26. This Is Acid (Neve REFIX) by maurice (self released)
  27. Rally Start by CLYDE on Rally Start (Dome of Doom)
  28. Come Back by DJ Paypal on Fuck It More Muzik (self released)
  29. Featured Pressdown by Traxman on Issa teklife Party (teklife)
  30. Funkdfied by TABU on 01 (self released)
  31. Shoot Da 3 (Los & Dev79 Remix) by Yung Simmie & Denzel Curry on FTRAX048 (Forbidden Trax)
  32. Redeye by Addison Groove on Turbo (Astrophonica)
  33. DAY OFF by DJ NHK Guy on 320 RIP Vol. 6 (320 RIP)
  34. Aye !!!! by DJ Manny X DJ Tre X DJ Earl on Teklife VIP 2020 (Teklife)
  35. NOVA by DJ Premium Trax on T.W.G. Vol 1 (Makinmovs X Matraca)
  36. SOCIAL DISTANCE PRACTICE by Kush Jones on Strictly 4 My CDJZ 8 (self released)
  37. No Good (POLO LILLI Restart) by The Prodigy (self release)
  38. dollaz (we rob refix) by TNGHT (self released)
  39. 1 20 21 (160bpm Cmin) by DJ SPINN x TASO x SUNNY NORWAY (self released)
  40. Deep by DJ Lucky on CFology Mixtape Vol. 1 (CFology)
  41. Real Monsters by VIVATINTAN on EXT-001 (Extension)
  42. Not alone by Jonás Sampaoli on T.W.G. Vol 1 (makinmovs X Matraca)
  43. Mono con Suerte by Águila on lima footwork (matraca)
  44. Easy [Lukrø Dub Remix] by Chamal on lima footwork (matraca)
  45. bebop by bsn posse (self released)
  46. favela tek by cybereality (aeronema)
  48. bang to the funk by rp boo on the ultimate (planet mu)
  49. GOT2B by Christoph El Truento on LWMP18 (Cosmic Compositions)
  50. Macuahuitl by Trax Bt on Traxmex Vol. 4 (Juke MX)
  51. On a Pill by mel g on teklifevip2020 (teklife)
  52. Beat It Up Lay It Down by DJ Corey on 2k21 Trax (beatdown house)
  54. I Do This by Cuenique on (Boy Bye) (self released)
  55. 2simple & 2clean by dj taye on pyrotek3 [ss] (self release)
  56. sanctuary by velaluna (unreleased)
  57. 0800 Dub (ETCH PHISHY 160 EDIT) by skream ((forbidden trax))
  58. If U Want It feat. DJ TAYE by DJ Manny on Greenlight (teklife)
  59. Aint No Foolin by DJ Thro (self released)
  60. No Face by Londy on Juke World Order Vol. 3 (Juke Underground)
  61. erk & jerk by dj ro on cfology mixtape vol. 1 (cfology)
  62. perfect day by eq why on Equalized Records Presents: The Footwork Jungle Collection (Vol.1 & 2) (self released)