The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Shadowhouse & DJ Mange (New Orleans) 10/26/21


  1. Haunted by Shadowhouse on Hand In Hand (Gone Home)
  2. Dazzle by Siouxsie & The Banshees on Hyaena (Polydor)
  3. Only Lonely by ACTORS on Acts Of Worship (Artoffact)
  4. Scared Eyes Wide Open by Psychopomps on Six Six Six Nights In Hell (Zoth Ommog)
  5. Svört Augu by Kælan Mikla on Undir Köldum Norðurljósum (Artoffact)
  6. Fall Down by Shadowhouse (Gone Home)
  7. The Walk by The Cure on Japanese Whispers (Sire)
  8. Destroy by Blood Bells on A Time For Roses (Cease And Destroy)
  9. Break
  10. Reasons Mourning by Come To Ruin on Funeral Hues (Strange Creatures)
  11. Break
  12. Burn Away by Adrenochrome on The Buzz Or Howl Sessions (Oscuridad En Mi Vida)
  13. Peace by Shadowhouse on Forsaken Forgotten (Icy Cold/Landfill)
  14. Atrophy by 3TEETH on shutdown exe (OMF)
  15. The Boy Racer by Morrissey on Southpaw Grammar (Reprise)