The Hanging Garden Radio Show: Owen Plays His Passions 11/2/21


  1. Second Skin by Chameleons UK on Script Of The Bridge (MCA)
  2. Dark City by A Projection on Framework (Tapete)
  3. Promised Land by Cold Cave on Fate In Seven Lessons (Heartworm Press)
  4. Eyes Closed by Second Skin (self released/Bandcamp)
  5. Psychic Sobriety by Foie Gras on Holy Hell (Yellow Year)
  6. Broken Empires (Radio Version) by Hocico (Out Of Line)
  7. The Struggle (Midnight Resistance Remix) by Solitary Experiments on The 25th Anniversary Compilation (Out Of Line)
  8. Reinvention Of Pain by Mildreda on I Was Never Really There (Depedent)
  9. Entropy by Informatik on Syntax (Metropolis)
  10. System Shock by The New Division (self released/Bandcamp)
  11. Venger (feat. Greta Link) by Perturbator on The Uncanny Valley (Blood Music)
  12. Touched by VAST on Visual Audio Sensory Theater (Elektra)
  13. Ritual by Then Comes Silence on Machine (Metropolis)
  14. I Will Disappear by Red Mecca on You Were Never Here (Massproduktion)
  15. Sidelined by Children On Stun on Tourniquets Of Loves Desire (Cleopatra)
  16. Fantasmas by Twin Tribes on Ceremony (Young And Cold)
  17. Gain by Xeno & Oaklander on VI/DEO (Dais)
  18. Heaven Is Waiting by Danse Society on Heaven Is Waiting (Arista)
  19. Peer Pressure by TR/ST on Joyland (Arts & Crafts)
  20. Eudamonia by Them Are Us Too on Remain (Dais Records)
  21. He's A Liquid by John Foxx on Metamatic (Virgin)