transfiguration 213 halloween horror mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Orchid House by Marja Ahti on Still Lives (Students Of Decay)
  2. Maratea by Andrew Pekler & Giuseppe Ielasi on Palimpsests (Shelter Press)
  3. From the Opened Red Lips by Contrastate on False Fangs for Old Werewolves (Tesco Distribution Germany)
  4. The Thinning by AJA on Slug (Opal Tapes)
  5. The Lord Is My Sheperd by Diamanda Galás on You Must Be Certain of the Devil (Diamanda Galás)
  6. Phlebotomy by Dear Laika on Pluperfect Mind (NNA Tapes)
  7. Ourselves by Innere Tueren on Welten (Kann)
  8. Mr. Speaker by Grand River on Blink a Few Times to Clear Your Eyes (Editions Mego)
  9. Tonglen In Vain by Circuit des Yeux on -io (Matador)
  10. 2 Versions by hunterc44t & Finlay Clark on Dana Rosa - EP (Primordial Void)
  11. Metempsychosis by X Harlow on Cathars (Sweat Equity)
  12. Kantubek (Moor Mother Remix) by Galya Bisengalieva on Aralkum Aralas - EP (One Little Independent)
  13. Awake by Kölsch on Isopolis (Ipso)
  14. Chardonnay and Jello Salad by Ava on Angels In the Sand - EP (Slagwerk)
  15. Graveyard by Sonja Tofik on Anomi (Moloton)
  16. Agalma II (feat. Caterini Barbieri) by Drew McDowall on Agalma (Dais Records)
  17. Die Motte des Theta-Schlafs by Thorsten Soltau & Emerge on Acker Und Seche (aufabwegen)
  18. Wood For the Trees by Flora Yin-Wong on Holy Palm (Modern Love)
  19. Cloaked by Ravens Wings by Laura Cannell, Kate Ellis & Chris Watson on October Sounds (feat. Adrian Crowley, Milene Larsson & Chris Watson) - EP (Brawl Records)
  20. Hold Gem Cut by Leif on 9 Airs (AD 93)
  21. Vertical Misunderstanding by Magda Drozd on 18 Floors (Präsens Editionen)
  22. A Clearing (In Empty Space) by Tristan Arp on Sculpturegardening (Wisdom Teeth)
  23. Sheogorath (feat. Levan Shanidze & Asio Otus) by Galen Tipton on Ungoliant (Orange Milk)
  24. Ouverture Pt. 1 by Berk Icli on Glimpses of an Eternal Bloom (Zel Zele Records)
  25. Apparitioner by X Harlow on Cathars (Sweat Equity)
  26. Night in Tijuana II by Kelman Duran on Night in Tijuana (Kelman Duran)
  27. One by Marina Rosenfeld on Joy Of Fear (Room40)
  28. Ephemeroptera by Cicada Shell on Dream Catalogue Singles, Summer 2020 (Dream Catalogue)
  29. Move the World's Clock by Mana on Asa Nisi Masa (Hyperdub)
  30. Phantasmagoria! 千燈幻景 by Yikii on Crimson Poem 深紅之詩 (Danse Noire)
  31. Outro (feat. The Mensah Imaginary Band) by Aho Ssan on Simulacrum (Subtext Recordings)
  32. Something I Can't Show by Ulla on Tumbling Towards a Wall (Experiences Ltd)
  33. Vapor Of Prayer by Natalie Beridze on Mapping Debris (Monika Enterprise)
  34. Time to the Sun (feat. Yehaiyahan) [Silvia Kastel Remix] by Howie Lee & Silvia Kastel on Birdy Island (Remixes) - EP (Mais Um Discos)
  35. Transience by David Granström on Empty Room (Hallow Ground)
  36. Amu (Disk•Mod) by Iglooghost on Lei Line Eon (Gloo)
  37. 51 Endless Pulses by Lapalux on Esrevoinma - EP (Brainfeeder)
  38. Jump In the Line by Harry Belafonte on Very Best of Harry Belafonte (BMG Entertainment)