1. Read My Mind by J Fernandez on Many Levels of Laughter (Joyful Noise)
  2. Lasko by Spatula on Despina By Land (Squealer)
  3. Sunburner by United Waters on Sunburner (Bathetic)
  4. Texting Feist by Giant Sand on Heartbreak Pass (New West)
  5. Chalk Snake by No Joy on More Faithful (Mexican Summer)
  6. Drain Cosmetics by Serena-Maneesh on Serena-Maneesh (HoneyMilk)
  7. Sparklingly Chime by Th' Faith Healers UK on Imaginary Friend (Elektra/Too Pure)
  8. Older Pictures by Plush on Pine (Self-released)
  9. Yuba Diamond by Sandy's on Fourth Dementia (Um Yeah Arts)
  10. Car's Parked by Ginnels on A Country Life (Tenorio Cotobade)
  11. Sour Grass by Tiger Trap on Sour Grass (K)
  12. Satellite Station by Unlikely Friends on Solid Gold Cowboys (Jigsaw)
  13. Sleep It Off by Woolens on Woolens EP (self-released)
  14. Floating Friends by Archers of Loaf on Vee Vee (Alias)
  15. Get The Chills by Joel R.L. Phelps and the Downer Trio on Blackbird (Pacifico)
  16. Animal by Pope on Fiction (Community)
  17. Meet Me in the Space They Stare at Leaving Their Seat During a Show by Storm And Stress on Under Thunder And Fluorescent Light (Touch & Go)
  18. Mix The Races by Coptic Light on Coptic Light (No Quarter)
  19. Lawman by Girl Band on The Early Years (Rough Trade)
  20. Like A Version by Never Young on Never Young EP (Father/Daughter)
  21. The Wrong Way by Shopping on Urge Surfing (Self-released)
  22. Young Girls by PINS on Wild Nights (Bella Union)
  23. Button Up by Sheer Mag on II 7-inch (Katorga Works)
  24. Got an F by Jaill on Brain Cream (Burger)
  25. Full Possession Of All Her Powers by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin on The High Country (Polyvinyl)
  26. Moby Octopad by Yo La Tengo on I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One (Matador)