transfiguration #214 everything is fine mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Человечность by UMAN on Chaleur Humaine (freedom to spend)
  2. Sekret by Pejzaż on Wyspa (Bartosz Kruczyński)
  3. Rock Mignon (Filet Dub) by Lopo on Duppy Vaulted (2011 - 2021) (Bokeh Versions)
  4. Kill-A-Milli (feat. Papa Roger Robinson) by Seekersinternational on Presents Ragga Preservation Society - Worldwide Sound (Diskotopia)
  5. Everything Is Fine by Charisma (Emotional Rescue)
  6. Be Thankful by One Blood on Be Thankful (Emotional Rescue)
  7. Dosti by Nazia Hassan & Zoheb Hassan on Naya Beat Volume 1: South Asian Dance and Electronic Music 1983-1992 (Naya Beat Records)
  8. Nostalgia (Il Sapore Di Quell'estate) by Modula (Tugboat Motion Company)
  9. Fools Paradise by Valerie Harrison on For the Love of You, Vol. 2 (Athens Of The North)
  10. Life and Death - А F T Є Я Г Ї F Є (Farragol remix) by Farragol on CHAOS (self released)
  11. Be Yourself (Motivational Mix) by Space Ghost on Dance Planet (Tartelet Records)
  12. Hometown Dream by Helado Negro on Far In (Private Energy under exclusive license to 4AD Ltd.)
  13. What's Good for the Goose (feat. Supercoolwicked) by Omar S (FXHE Records)
  14. Me Espera (Gaspar Muniz Remix) by Mulú & Letrux (Mulú)
  15. Your Love is Keeping Me Alive by Azar Lawrence on Shadow Dancing (Light In The Attic Records)
  16. Searchin' by Frank Reynolds & The Re:Generations (Star Creature)
  17. Golden Green by Emma-Jean Thackray on Yellow (Movementt)
  18. rashida jones by P. Morris & MORRI$ (Bear Club Music Group)
  19. Knockin (Rip Screw & Pimp C) by Amadeezy on Thee Alpha and Omega , Vol. VII (Clan Destine Records)
  20. Soul Belongs 2 U by dreamcastmoe on After All This - EP (In Real Life under exclusive license to AWAL Recordings America, Inc.)
  21. Dreaming by Ashaye on V4 Visions: Label Sampler - EP (Numero Group)
  22. Dreamin's For Free by Ben Pirani (Colemine Records)
  23. This Is the Way I Am by La’Fez on Rust Side Story Vol. 24 (Numero Group)
  24. Do You Feel It Working (with L'Eclair) by Maston on Souvenir (with L'Eclair) (Innovative Leisure / Calico Discos)
  25. Find It In Your Eyes by The System on The System (Music From Memory)
  26. Kinky Love by Maria Somerville (4AD Ltd.)
  27. Cambios En El Tiempo by Vandana on Back Up: Mexican Tecno Pop 1980-1989 (Dark Entries Records)
  28. A' Fumme Marjua' by Avida on Avida (Hot Elephant Music)
  29. Not Just Another by Mike Hounshell on Sometime Somewhere (The Numero Group)
  30. Dancing with My Demons (feat. Paul Cherry) by Eyedress on Mulholland Drive (Lex Records Ltd)
  31. I Must Spread My Genes by Charles on Let's Start a Family Tonight (Babe City Records)