october highlights


  1. Somewhere by Black Marble on Fast Idol (Sacred Bones) New
  2. Divine Comedy by Deerhoof on Actually, You Can (Joyful Noise) New Local
  3. The Beginning by Magdalena Bay on Mercurial World (Luminelle) New
  4. High & Choking, Pt. 1 by Ouri on Frame of a Fauna (Lighter Than Air) New
  5. Don't Put Me In Red by Xenia Rubinos on Una Rosa (Anti-) New
  6. Sculpting the Exodus by Circuit des Yeux on -io (Matador) New
  7. Water by Lotic on Oblivious (Houndstooth) New
  8. Tectonic by Tirzah on Colourgrade (Domino) New
  9. Gemini and Leo by Helado Negro on Far In (4AD) New
  10. If I Could Breathe Underwater by Marissa Nadler on The Path of the Clouds (Sacred Bones) New
  11. Kelso (Blue sky) by Grouper on Shade (kranky) New
  12. It Wasn't Me by Bedouine on Waysides (Spacebomb) New