Hot Damn! Episode 29

[House | Electronica | Trap]

Listening Alone.

Featuring: Motorbike James, Lunice, Home, Biesmans, Shingo Nakamure, and more


  1. me Roll by Motorbike James on VIISIONS (Slow Weather Music)
  2. Paralysis by Sophia Bel on Princess of the Dead, Vol. II (Bonsound)
  3. Tums by TNGHT, Lunice, Hudson Mohawke (Warp, LuckyMe)
  4. Above All by Home on Before the Night (606983 Records DK2)
  5. Pinch by Instupendo on Boys by Girls (Self-released)
  6. Fdf by cero (KAKUBARHYTHM)
  7. Blue Pedro by Bullion (Unknown Label)
  8. UNGLUED by 72-HOUR POST FIGHT on NOT / UNGLUED (La tempesta international)
  9. Trains, Planes & Automobiles by Biesmans on Trains, Planes & Automobiles (MCA)
  10. Transcendental Access Point by Eris Drew on Fluids of Emotion (Interdimensional Transmissions)
  11. 1247 - Original Mix by Shingo Nakamura, Nhato on Days (Otographic Music)
  12. Raving On My Own by Jim-E Stack on Promotional Only (Bare Feet Welcome)
  13. Juice by Lunice on One Hunned (LUCKYME)
  14. You Make It Look so Easy - Lucky by Himera, Petal Supply on You Make It Look so Easy (Playtime) (UNSEELIE)