transfiguration #216 a gift horse mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Rebirth (432Hz Sound Healing Journey) by ALUNA & CEIBO on Rebirth (432Hz Sound Healing Journey) (Steffen Ki Sonic Sourcery)
  2. O Ignee Spriritus by Ben Bertrand on Dokkaebi (Les Albums Claus)
  3. A Prayer At Dawn by Nimbudala on Universal Compassion (inner islands)
  4. Kalavinka by Eitetsu Hayashi & Midori Takada on Kaze No Shisha (Victor Entertainment)
  5. 51°30'59.4"N 0°04'33.1"W by AboutFace on 51°30'59.4"N 0°04'33.1"W - EP (AD 93)
  6. Globes of Light by Early Fern on Place of Rest (Métron Records)
  7. Orange by Higher Intelligence Agency on Colourform (Headphone)
  8. Sports II by Ki Oni on Infinite Sports (KMAN 92.5)
  9. Sense of Place by Golden Retriever on Sense of Place (Longform Editions)
  10. Side B by Son of Chi & Radboud Mens on AI-25: The Transition Recordings (astral industries)